21 Dec 2017
Ex-Depor Riki talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and analyzed the upcoming Galician derby. The former striker believes that Depor must show the same level of the day against Leganés.

Iván Sánchez-Rico Soto ‘Riki’ is currently studying in order to become a football coach. He scored three goals against RC Celta wearing Depor’s shirt, now he analyzes what are the keys and how both teams arrive to Saturday’s derby.

Q: Is knowing how to control emotions one of the keys?
A: For example. Sometimes you are very overexcited, and it isn’t good. You stiffen, you want to do well and, in the end, you don’t get anything. That goes with each player, with how each one knows how to control the level of anxiety, desire and adrenaline. In my case, I don’t know if it was an accident or not, but just in the derbies at Segunda I suffered the two injuries I had that season.

Q: How do you remember those matches against Celta?
A: Very competitive matches, very nice to play and with a great atmosphere.

Q: Which one of your three goals to Celta do you remember with more affection?
A: The two at Segunda gave me a bittersweet taste, because I got injured in both games, in Riazor at the very beginning and in Balaídos before the break. I'll take the 1-0 when we won 3-1 next year in Primera. We played for everything, all or nothing. It went well and we almost do the heroic, from been evicted to clinch the permanence.

Q: Did you enjoy the derbies?
A: Yes. Especially the last ones were good for us. These are very special and beautiful matches, and in terms of media, they also have a lot of repercussion.

Q: How both teams get to Saturday’s event?
A: They arrive after losing and maybe the field factor can be an important point. Hopefully the three points could remain in A Coruña, but it’s clear that Celta is very competitive and plays very well. Many of their players have several seasons playing together, and it’s noticed.

Q: Is it true that in this type of matches the dynamics matter less?
A: In order to win a derby you have to do many things well and few badly. It hasn’t been a very good season for both, but that doesn’t mean anything. I hope Depor can win. It would reinforce them a lot and would help them to go to the break with ease. I am sure that, if they manage to win, then it will be a big push in a mental sense.

Q: What are the keys?
A: Depor must to try to continue with the dynamics of the day with Leganés, and go out for the game since the beginning. Against Leganés they made a very serious match, with Adrián very participative and scoring a goal. I am convinced that people will be with the team from the first moment. Deportivo have players who already know what a derby is and hopefully everything goes well.

Q: There is no way for Depor to have a quiet year...
A: It’s that that issue of the quiet years is something I know it myself... All teams are very competitive and it is difficult to add. Taking in mind the level of the squad, it’s clear that they should be higher, and Celta will think the same.



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