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23 Dec 2017
Two coaches that arrived recently to their jobs. Both men barely spoke before the meeting and expect for an equal game with an intense dispute for the ball possession.

Cristóbal Parralo talked on Friday’s noon. His press conference only lasted eight minutes and his main comment was to assure that the key for the game is the dispute the ball possession. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Motivation for the derby and signboards at Abegondo: “Truly it has been a different week. We have been focused in the derby since the start of the week. Those signboards are only an extra motivation for the team, so we can compete the derby and win the game. If there’s a game when you don’t need to take care of the issue of motivation it is this one.”

Depor is in relegation: “We don’t like that position, we want to leave it as soon as possible, but right now the thing in our head is the game of the derby and add those three important points, and especially bring a joy to the fans. We already have the pressure as we are tied in relegation, we already had that pressure for not having a good dynamic. But for tomorrow’s game we need to be focused.”

Pressure: “We are in a situation in which every game is very important. The situation was similar a fortnight ago against Leganés. Until we are able to win two or three games in a row, the situation will be similar. We are willing to live the derby. I understand the fans aren’t motivated as there’s no continuity, because as soon as we win a game we lose again. I am sure that, if we win the derby, we will bring joy to the fans.”

Controlling emotions: “It’s clear, we need to be motivated without crossing the line, because sometimes the line pushes you to make mistakes.  We must be motivated and be active, and also to play the derby with the head, learning to read what the game needs in every moment.”

Celta: “It’s a team with good players, they try to have the possession, and when they are dominated they have fast and dangerous transitions. They have players with unbalance and we will try to counteract it.”

Expectations for the game: “We will go out to win the game since now. Both teams have profiles of players that like to play with passes, so what both teams want, and where their strength is focused, is in having the ball, and one of the wars that we are going to have in the game is precisely related to the ball possession.”

Neither Juan Carlos Unzué talked too much before the derby, he addressed the media on Friday’s noon and also believes that the situation of both teams is equal. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Importance of the derby: “These are three important points, but the repercussion is beyond that, especially for the emdia. We are going to do everything possible to bring a joy to the fans, because so far it has been hard to do it.”

Celta above Depor before the derby: “In the only subject in which we are better than they it’s at the standings, and not by many points. The rest need to be demonstrated.”

Deportivo: “It’s a well-organized team, you can see their disposition, their intention of having the ball in order to have opportunities. I don’t think it’s one of those teams that feel better without the ball. Their defenders have qualities to have the ball and create game, they have possibilities to change things at midfield, and the ones playing on the wings have been strikers.”

Situation at the standings: “I don’t think that yesterday’s results are changing anything. We think of making 21 points and end the year two or three points below the positions we want to dispute. If there are other circumstances we will see, but the idea is to try to win at the Riazor.”



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