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25 Dec 2017
Deportivo ended 2017 committing the same mistakes that have paved the way throughout the year. Adrián and Lucas didn’t have a good game, the same goes for Çolak and Carles Gil.

The six notes from the game Vs. RC Celta:

1- Big errors in punctual moments: The derby left a feeling of déjŕ vu at Deportivo, because the fans witnessed what has been normal in recent seasons: a team with a decent performance in large stages of the games that ends defeated after losing the concentration in some punctual moments. That lack of attention usually costs goals as Depor is the third team with the worst mark of blocked shots in la liga (59%).

Celta scored three times and only needed three shots on target, while Depor completed four and only scored once. The first two goals were the product of a lack of concentration that turned to be deadly. The first after only three minutes in a counterattack in which the marks were poor, the second was a bad header by Sidnei that Schär couldn’t control. Two errors and everything was already defined by minute 40.

2- Nine early goals this season: Los Blanquiazules are always uphill in the games. Deportivo have conceded 32 goals this season, 9 of those goals were allowed before the 15-minute mark. Also, Depor conceded the first goal in 13 of the 17 games on this campaign.

3- Same doubts with Rubén: Rubén Martínez came after a great performance before FC Barcelona, his best game at Deportivo, but against Celta he returned to be a goalkeeper that leaves doubts. After the first goal he failed in a set-piece in which he didn’t clear the ball properly, and later didn’t react properly in the free-kick of Aspas that cost the third goal.

4- Lacking strength in attack: Deportivo dominated the actions in large stages of the game, but later it didn’t create enough scoring opportunities according to that dominion. And a lot of that had to do with the thin game by Çolak and Carles Gil. The Turkish completed the first shot on target for Depor in the game, but ended the first half with only 30 touches and was replaced at half-time. In the case of the Valencian winger, he only made 46 touches in 80 minutes and passed unnoticed.

5-  Disappointment with Adrian: Adrián López was coming after shining in his three appearances as a starter at the Riazor. But in this game he was rally poor. He should have scored the equalizer in the next play after Celta’s first goal, but missed the target. The Asturian didn’t feel comfortable on the pitch and wasn’t a factor as he was constantly making wrong decisions. He completed three shots and none of them met the target. 

6- Lucas and Andone: Once again Lucas seemed lonely and disconnected from the rest, thus he only made 40 touches within the 90 minutes. Besides, he still has the problem of making bad decisions at the moment of ending the plays. However, this was far from been his worst game, because he gave four passes that created a scoring chance, the main one the assist to Adrián at the start of the game that should have ended in goal.

Meanwhile, Andone finally played after not been considered by Parralo. This was just his second appearance in December and the Romanian seized the moment completing three shots and scoring once in the 45 minutes he spent on the pitch. 



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