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25 Dec 2017
Deception after the defeat in the Galician derby, while Luisinho, Aspas and Hugo Mallo started a war with their declarations.

Coach Cristóbal Parralo was asked how to process a defeat in the derby, “I don’t know. Yes, we end with a bittersweet taste as this was an important game, these three points were important. Facing a derby and it’s painful, but it is like this.”

Then he commented what he saw in the game, “The rival, especially in the first half, was effective. We met a quick goal and tried to equalize, had our opportunities and we dominated the game. We missed to end up the plays and later, in another defensive error, they scored the second. Maybe those were their only opportunities We later had chances when the 1-3 was on, but the players were already tired.”

A journalist asked if the Andalusian coach was fearing to be sacked, “I am not afraid. We know that this profession has this pressure, the results, and I’m here in order to work in the best possible way and not to be worried about anything else.”

Another reporter asked why the team ends the games conceding goals in each shot on target completed by the rival, “You never are used to this. We have the initiative and the control. We were down in the score too soon and you have to risk more. I believe we deserved the tie, but they scored again in their second chance, but the team fought until the end.”

Parralo ended repeating that this defeat is painful for him, “The defeat in painful, mainly because the team played good football in the first part and we committed those errors that were really expensive. When you see that the players give everything, and that those errors end to be so expensive, then it is more painful.”

Adrián López was explaining his vision on the game, “We are feeling screwed, these were three important points and it was the derby. We are screwed for not adding the three points. The game was very equal in the first part, I don’t think it deserved to be 0-2 at half-time, we were hammered for two errors, but for the number of arrivals we could have been tied.”

“Later we tried to score in order to return into the game, but things were uphill with the set-piece of Aspas. It is difficult to allow a goal so quickly, because the other teams are good. It’s complicated to start losing so early. We tried to react and enter into the game, but it wasn’t like that.” He added.

At RC Celta, Juan Carlos Unzué was pleased as his team knew how to respond despite not having the control over the actions, “Maybe we had control over the game a little less of what we wanted, but we were effective. We have played and created opportunities before teams that were locked at the back. It isn’t the first time we win on the road been locked because the rival, due to the result, was pushing you at the back and we have the ability to create opportunities in this situation They should have ended with the feeling that we had in other games, but we cannot be accused of been a team that doesn’t believe, later the difference is in the aim.”

Meanwhile, Hugo Mallo hammered Luisinho for his words before the derby, “This team was in silence the whole week. We didn’t care about the signboards. Truly the Riazor Blues only wanted to motivate the team and they didn’t do it. Truly Deportivo was a big club, but right now if they were a big one then he wouldn’t be at Deportivo.”

Iago Aspas also entered into the battle as he said, “Luisinho said that, for him, it was a big club, but I don’t know if within the last four years he has been locked inside a cage, because we have played eight derbies and they only won once.”

Later Luisinho responded that, “It’s very easy to talk when you win. It’s a thing of cowards. When you win it’s very easy to come out and speak loud. I didn’t say any lie: Deportivo is the biggest team in Galicia and a big team in Spain. I know he was upset. Celta have grown as a team, but historically the titles are there.”

About the situation of the team, the left-back said that, “Truly this situation isn’t good. We are conscious that the moment is delicate. The plyers are the ones that must push Deportivo out of this delicate situation.  The players are the ones that must have the courage to move forward with this. You cannot allow a goal after only two or three minutes, you must fight hard since then.”



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