29 Dec 2017
Pablo Insua has lived of everything in his first season in Germany, he played in the Bundesliga and suffered a heart problem. He is close to return and talked with La Voz de Galicia about his problem and also about Depor.

Q: What happened?
A: I started to notice a lot of pressure in my chest when I was sleeping. The next day I told the doctor of the club and they did some tests in which they saw that there was fluid in the lungs and an inflammation of the pleura. They treated me with antibiotics, but since it was not fixed they decided to give me a puncture. In the hospital, the night after the puncture, I began to notice a very intense pain in the chest; they did more tests and they saw that there was also liquid around the heart and that it was inflamed. The antibiotics didnít work either, but with cortisone and other medications the problem was receding.

Q: In Germany, recently arriving to the club... It had to be especially hard.
A: When I saw that it was something of heart it was scary. I didnít calm down until the days went by and I felt better. I am still taking some medications and I had to stay in total rest, so this stretched. I got really scared, you think a lot of things, among other things the language problem, and that's the worst part. I was lucky that there was a Paraguayan doctor who was explaining everything to me.

Q: It was rumored a premature end to your career.
A: That was never thought. The liquid causes the heart to float a bit and may end up slightly out of place, but the possibility that something like this would happen is minimal.

Q: You were new to the team, but the squad supported you. They even made a song.
A: We have an amazing group. They were great with me.

Q: And the coach? How is your relationship?
A: He made many visits to me from the moment this happened. He called me almost every day, showing his support and asking me to take it easy.

Q: Now your return is coming, but the team is second at the Bundesliga, it will be difficult to find a gap.
A: The experience is still very good, although I have been unable to train. The club is great and things are going very well. There is a lot of equality at the squad and thatís causing frequent changes in the starting eleven. Now I have to focus on a total recovery and then it will be seen.

Q: You share the position with Naldo, become a star at 35.
A: Heís wonderful. Giving us important goals in the last minutes, like Sergio Ramos.

Q: What do you think of the Bundesliga?
A: The teams are not as conservative as in Spain when they put themselves ahead. That's why there are so many goals and comebacks are frequent. We are a dominating team, very offensive, a team that assumes risks, and I like that. I am happy.

Q: Depor, meanwhile, are still in the hole. How do you see it?
A: When you are near relegation for many years, itís something that might hit you, but hopefully not this season, and from this point there could be a reaction, because there is enough club to be in another situation.

Q: And the squad?
A: Itís also that there are other teams in relegation with great players. Sometimes itís a matter of dynamics, of mentality, of the need to change the chip. When you are down it becomes difficult to leave.

Q: Donít you feel that you have always found it very easy to leave Deportivo? Didnít you make merits to at least have the chance of a test with the team that formed you?
A: The first year I had to leave and when I returned I think I would have had a spot at Depor, but we made the decision to leave again. That helped me to settle in Primera and finish now at Schalke. Everyone has their opinion and is respectable.

Q: But why you were good for Leganťs or Schalke and not for Deportivo? How did you feel each summer when you didnít count?
A: I always had the hope of staying. The first year was the one that hurt me most, sincerely. Then I always came back with the hope of finding a spot for me, but it couldnít be and that's it. I donít regret anything that happened.

Q: Do you think you would match the level for this Depor that suffers so much at the back zone?
A: I guess so, but now it's not worth much thinking about that. I'm happy where I am.

Q: Why the absence of academy players at Depor?
A: I suppose it has to do with the clubís moment. When things are so complicated, with a continuous struggle not to face a relegation, itís more difficult to take risks with people from the academy. My year coincided with the Segunda year and we were able to play, but now itís complicated.

Q: Levante and Leganťs were in the same situation when they trusted Insua or Růber.
A: Those teams already knew us and they saw something clear that wasnít clear for Depor. Now I hope you give Růber the option that I didnít have, because me can match a great level.



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