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04 Jan 2018
Adrián López is conscious that Depor need to improve the defence in order to get better results, but he also reminded that they already made great games before big rivals like Atlético, and that it’s the base to face the upcoming calendar.

Striker Adrián López addressed the media on Wednesday’s noon. He analyzed the current situation of Deportivo starting with the upcoming calendar, “We are willing to start the new year with the right foot. We know a tough game is arriving, but we need to prepare it well, we have to go there and try to get the three points, because we need them, so we need to prepare ourselves. They are strong there, they are a great team and it’s clear we need to make a great game.”

“We must add points, no matter who is coming. In the end you have to play against everyone. Beyond the games that are coming, we must think of ourselves. We can add points before anyone. We already made a great game against big teams like Atlético, despite dropping points at the last second. We can get points against anyone. We must trust ourselves.” He added.

About Villarreal CF, Adrián talked of his experience there, “When I was there, I was treated really well. It’s a familiar club that works really well. They work at the top and have academy players that are pulled out. It’s a team that likes to have the ball and play, they keep the base of some years ago and it’s a complicate field.”

He is aware that the fans are upset, “I understand that the fans want more from the team, we are the first ones that want more. The team always wants to win, but in the games, no matter the reason, we aren’t achieving the results. We can only think of each game, now we must think of Villarreal and make a good game.”

The Asturian is convinced that Depor must go game by game without thinking too much for been in relegation, “This is the reality, we need to work in order to leave those places. We are in a bad streak, but now face another Sunday and must try to win. We must try to grow and hopefully we will grow in this new year.”

Asked about the exit of Richard Barral, he commented that, “In my personal case I didn’t know anything about this. Yesterday he said good-bye to us and we can only wish him the best. These are issues of the club and we don’t enter there. He entered the changing room and told us, I met the news there. These are things that happen in football.”

Finally, Adrián is aware that Depor need to improve in defence in order to achieve better results, “We must improve in that facet. We need to be harder and avoid conceding goals, if we can improve that facet then we can get better results. From that point everything will be better. In a general sense we need to be more solid.”



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