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11 Jan 2018
Deportivo have their biggest budget in more than a decade, but it’s the seventh lowest in liga and the Galician club is only investing the 66.41% in the squad.

The end of 2017 brought the shareholders meetings in all the Spanish clubs at the elite, in those meetings the budgets of the current season were voted.  The twenty clubs at Primera sum €3,251.40 million in their budgets, the highest number in the history.

But the differences are big among the clubs, just to notice that the 48% of this amount is only represented by Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, the two giants in the competition. Deportivo is the seventh lowest budget in the league with €61.56 million.

Club Budget (million)
Barcelona               865.31
Real Madrid               690.71
Atlético               344.55
Sevilla               194.00
Valencia               141.42
Villarreal               117.01
Athletic               101.94
Espanyol                  91.21
Betis                  86.22
Real Sociedad                  85.13
Málaga                  67.33
Celta                  64.00
Las Palmas                  62.59
Deportivo                  61.35
Levante                  53.50
Alavés                  53.35
Leganés                  46.73
Getafe                  42.14
Girona                  42.10
Eibar                  40.74

Still, the budget of Deportivo is the biggest in more than a decade:

Season Budget (million)
2007/2008                 65.00
2008/2009                 59.83
2009/2010                 55.81
2010/2011                 52.85
2011/2012                 42.95
2012/2013                 39.88
2013/2014                 39.80
2014/2015                 30.08
2015/2016                 39.76
2016/2017                 60.13
2017/2018                 61.56

The budgets don’t follow the trajectory of the salary caps, the budgets are the scheduled expenses for the season, while the salary caps are what the clubs have been authorized to invest in their squads, and that authorized amount depends on the club’s obligations.

Making a comparison between the budgets and the salary caps, Sevilla CF have the best average as the 82.29% of their budget is invested in the salary cap.  Meanwhile, UD Las Palmas have the worst ratio: 47.05%. Deportivo have the fifth worst average: 66.41%. There are a few reasons why some clubs are authorized to invest more money than others, the main one is the debt.

It’s the main reason why Deportivo aren’t investing more money in the squad, this since the club’s debt remains high (€129.79 million). The high debt is also striking other clubs, like the surprising case of FC Barcelona.  The Catalans have the largest income in la liga (€892.64 million), but their debt is very high (around €280 million), so they can only invest the 59% of the budget in wages and transfers, it’s the second lowest percentage in la liga.



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