19 Jan 2018
Deporís coach conceded an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia, the Andalusian analyzed the situation of the team and the lack of regularity in what has been a disappointing season for Deportivo.

Q: Arribas recently pointed out that the fans are keeping certain demands of a past from which the club is paying the bills. Do you also think that Depor are being asked too much?
A: Expectations cannot be as high as before, but not so low. It cannot be that we end up suffering every year. In this team nobody has any complaint of the fans. They support us, theyíve patience, and as soon as we give them something they burn down and push us on the right direction.

Q: What about the recent departure of Richard Barral?
A:  I have been in football so much that I have seen everything. When the team is not doing well, other things often happen. Sometimes the coach, sometimes the players, sometimes the sporting director... It's part of football. I already said that itís a difficult and an uncomfortable situation for everyone, with the season underway and the window to sign still open, but this is directed by people who consider itís opportune and it happens. When you spend so much time in this situation and you have to suffer each season, there is a lot of wear and tear and itís understandable that the club is looking for new ways. You have to respect the decisions and itís logical that it can happen to me too, if I cannot get the results...

Q: With the departure of Richard Barral, has the coach gained weight in the making of the squad?
A: No. There are people in the club trained to work in that direction. I give my opinion and respect the work of other areas.

Q: The Bernabťu is coming. Are you afraid of a defeat there...
A: Donít. I donít think about that at all, because it's something I cannot control. I try to avoid being distracted by the environment, to focus on the players creating what we do.

Q: With Depor in relegation, the environment is again agitated, do you feel the support of the board of directors?
A: I donít have any complaints. My contact with the president and the advisors is permanent and they are looking for the same thing that we do: that the team can be saved and we move forward. I donít feel a lack of support from the board, just the opposite. My relation with the president is the same as the first day. We chat and talk about everything.

: Q: The possible competitors for the permanence have been reinforced and they already use their new players. Does not that leave Deportivo in disadvantage?
A: I am focused on the day to day and I donít worry about anything else. Each team has its circumstances. There is a salary cap and we are not going to sign up just for the pleasure of signing. Things have to be taken as they arrived and must be evaluated according to the possibilities. I insist, I was offered the position under certain circumstances and with a certain team, and I accepted it. I am able to continue working hard and try to change the dynamics.

Q: And you consider that all your players are equally involved? Is there a healthy changing room?
A: From me, there will never be a word against the changing room. Here I am one more person trying to give the best. These are very difficult moments, for me to throw more crap on the team. I am with them and in the last matches there has been no lack of delivery or sacrifice; we have lost for other reasons. That is the path from which to grow.

Q: Some may feel more demanding in terms of correcting the position in which they feel more comfortable on the field. Lucas has said in the press room that he is lucky enough to be able to play in several positions, but how do you convince a player to leave the spot where you can see the best from him?
A: We all have to help depending on the needs of the team. I understand that a player can feel more comfortable in one position than in another, but above all is the team. The player has to perform where the coach considers appropriate, I donít have to convince him to play here or there. Everyone knows their obligations on the field and we try to squeeze them to give the best for the team.

Q: Andone has chained three games scoring, do you think he has received the deserved opportunities?
A: Florin is one more player at the squad. Initially we bet on a way of playing and then we have seen that we needed something more. What we are looking is to see him giving us the goals he is giving right now.

Q: But donít you think it would have been useful before, given the team's lack of goals?
A: Man, after watching a movie I know the ending. If I know that in every match he's going to score a goal, then he'll always play. But when we arrived we detected a weakness in defense that didnít allow us to always play with two strikers. When we thought it was convenient for him to participate, he has participated and we hope he will continue like this. If he does it, then he will have the opportunities he deserves.

Q: Lucas, however, has reduced his scoring contribution, although against Valencia he made two goals (AdriŠn failed the second). How much does his recent past weigh and the effort made for the return? Are people being fair in assessing his performance?
A: Lucas is the first one who would like to score more goals, but he is delivering and working, and from there we hope he has the opportunities to finish. You also have to look for those situations.

Q: The performance of the midfielders has also been questioned a lot and there were rumours of signing a defensive midfielder. Guilherme has responded with two high level performances in defensive phase.
A: Guilherme was very good the other day, and in Villarreal, yes. I'm not unhappy with any player, I only understand that people could arrive in order to add. Iím happy with how they are training and working. If I saw a team that doesnít train well or that they lower their arms... But I donít see that, I see a team that is delivered every day and we have a misfortune that has to change.

Q: Do you have enough material for it?
A: I believe in that. In that we can change that dynamic. I believe it firmly. Then you have to prove it. We are on the right line to get out of this.

Do you feel that you know that way? After half a season, do you think there are three teams clearly inferior to Deportivo?
A: I feel like the rest of the team. With the same impotence for the results and convinced that the change will come. I have clear what to do to get the team out of there. From there, I accept any criticism and doubt, but I donít have doubts. We need a couple of results to get hooked to another group and change the dynamics so to not get away from those who are above us. Until the end of the league there will not be a relegated team and Iím sure that many surprises will come.

Q: You left a Fabril in a good moment to end suffering with Depor. If you could go back, would you do the same?
A: I make self-criticism and I'm sure that in many things I'm wrong, but I still have no doubt regarding the decision to take the first team. I still believe that I am able to help the team, as I believed the first day. Then, as I thought, I could be wrong, as the players can, and what I do is try to improve and try to avoid mistakes.

Q: What's is you mistake?
A: I cannot point out specific issues and I donít think that it would help. I know I've been wrong in some things, like all coaches. It happened to me in the first team and it also happened to me at Fabril.

Q: With the situation in the league, the Cup has gained prominence for Zidane. Do you expect to take advantage of their match in midweek?
A: They have a very large squad and are rotating in Cup. They can focus well on both competitions and I am convinced that they will come out with a good team to face us.

Q: What game do you foresee?
A: A game that will demand concentration for 90 minutes. We need to be intense, not to lose easily the balls that we recover, not to allow a siege, to make them to also worry about defending.

Q: In the bench next door will sit a questioned coach after two consecutive Champions trophies. What do you think of Zidane?
A: The coaches are always chased based on the results. In the time he has been at Madrid, Zidane has achieved many things. There have been competitions in which the team has played very well and may now be in an irregular line as it happens to all teams, but still alive in all three competitions. Zidane has done a great job, and for me he is a good coach, but when results arenít achieved criticism always appears.



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