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02 Feb 2018
Depor’s coach underlines the importance of a victory in order to gain confidence. The rival is worried about the performance in defence and about gaining balance on the pitch.

Cristóbal Parralo addressed the media on Thursday’s noon. He talked of the new arrivals and still asking for a victory that could be the turning point of the season. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Conclusions after the winter window: “I am content with the players that I have. We tried if an interesting choice can arrive, but we got players that will add things. We can only think of tomorrow’s game.”

Is the coach missing a defensive midfielder?  “It was a choice to add a defensive midfielder, it could have added different things, but we also said that we weren’t to sign anyone just like that. I can only try to get the best from the players that I have.”

Sad for not signing a centre midfielder?: “I am not disappointed. I am focused in tomorrow’s game. I am convinced that a victory will make things look different. We need to be focused in order to face the game. I have good players and must try to get the best from them. They need to gain confidence.”

Krohn-Dehli: “Krohn-Dehli understands the game very well. He has experience, he knows what to do at every moment, maybe he doesn’t have the aggressiveness that we wanted, but he will help us.”

Exit of Iñigo Martínez at Real Sociedad: “It won’t affect. They have good players and have that casualty, but have enough players in order to replace him. All the teams have casualties, we have our own problems. In each matchday you need to plan according to the circumstances.”

Expectations for the game: “It will be a competed game. Both sides need the points. They have their goals and we will fight for the victory. Both teams will fight for the victory. We need a victory to change the things. Last week was a hard hit to us and we can only keep working and searching for a victory in order to get out of this situation. We said it before: what the team needs in order to gain confidence is a victory.”

Defensive weakness: “I don’t see any other solution than to keep working and insisting. We still allowing a lot of goals; we aren’t preventing the bleeding and need to fix this. We need to keep working hard to change things. We need to be solid and grow from there. We have been talking of this for a while.”

Çolak: “We thought it was convenient to see him entering. We said before the issue is fixed. I just want to get the best from the players. He is on the roster as we believe he can add. I consider myself as an open coach, we talked with him after what happened, and since that point the issue was closed.”

The position of Bóveda: “Eneko [Bóveda] is a right-back. He can help as a centre-back, but I see him at the right side of the defence.”

Casualties for the game: “They are important, but also need to give importance to the rest of the partners. The squad is for this, we need to try and not feel their absence.”

Why Kóval wasn’t a starter against Levante? “I treat Kóval as any other player. He arrived willing to play, but with his team he was in South Spain making a preparation stage, so we believe he needs to work hard in order to earn an opportunity. If he is on the roster it is because he can compete with Rubén at the goal.”

Eusebio Sacristán also addressed the media on Thursday’s noon.  He talked about the surprising exit of Iñigo Martínez and the current situation of his team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Iñigo Martínez: “I respect the decisions and ways of thinking of others, also Iñigo's ones. From there, what I have to do as a coach, and as a team, is to look ahead and understand that, if someone is not 100% committed to the club, then the best is to go out. Now we all have things clear and we know who are the ones who must move forward... and together we must prepare well tomorrow's game, we need to win it and later will see the future with optimism and clarity.”

"I didn’t know anything. We just had a player like Iñigo with whom we wanted to count. I found out on Tuesday night, by the president, that he wanted to leave. Until then I didn’t know anything . He could have met all of his goals at Real It’s a pride to be part of this club. I like that people who are here feel that. I don’t understand that there are people who cannot see it... I suppose it’s painful for the fans , but out fans have to feel very proud.”

Héctor Moreno: “We are very happy to be able to incorporate and reinforce the squad with him. In a sporting sense he is an ideal player for us, due to his characteristics... central left-footed, who has sometimes played as a left-back, with a lot of maturity, experience and leadership skills; he has sporting and tactical conditions, but also qualities that will help inside the changing room.”

Current situation: “Against Villarreal there was a tactical change. I ended satisfied with the offensive performance, but we had problem adapting in a defensive level. I feel we want to change the dynamic and win. I don’t think of the future, only of giving our best.”

Ultimatum? “I am only thinking of the game.”

Expectations for the game: Tomorrow, it will be important to get  back the balance defense-attack, we need to offer our best version and we trust that, with the support of our fans, we can surpass Deportivo.”



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