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06 Feb 2018
Seedorf was presented on Tuesday, he is convinced that Depor have players with quality, but also that they need a plan and an identity. Tino Fernández said he was chosen for his charisma and leadership

Clarence Seedorf was presented on Monday’s afternoon at the Riazor and after having a first meeting with the staff. President Tino Fernández was welcoming him during the press conference, “I cannot present his story, because it is well-known for everybody. In the name of Deportivo we welcome him. His victories will be ours. We are behind a challenge of sixteen games, we are three points below and we are convinced we can move forward together.”

Later the former Real Madrid start talked to the media, “I will try to help this club in a difficult moment. In life there are difficult moments and I will try to move forward. We already have meetings and I can see a will in order to succeed. I am looking forward to start working tomorrow.”

Asked why he chose Deportivo taking in mind the difficult situation of the club, he answered that, “I like these challenges. It’s easier to enter into a team where things are already working. I’ve the chance to demonstrate what, I think, I can do well, what I like, and in a situation in which we can only improve.”

He repeated many times that it’s possible to detect the will of the players watching them from the outside, “I have an idea of the group, but many times it’s more important to learn the physiological aspect. Depor don’t deserve to be in this position. I am convinced that this group is willful and I am here for this. I see this group wants to win, but sometimes it’s difficult.”

“I see potential on here. I looked several matches and sometimes they weren’t lucky. You need to search for luck and for that you need daily work. I have clear ideas, but I believe you don’t play football talking. You need to demonstrate the philosophy on the pitch. I have seen motivation in the eyes of people. It’s the base of what will count. It won’t be the experience, but the work and the union.”.” He added.

The Dutchman continued and assured that Depor need motivation as the players already have quality, “I have noticed that these players can do it. They haven’t been able to react in the games, and we need to give them the medicine searching for the three points. Depor have players with talent and you need to create the conditions to squeeze that talent. If the group isn’t working and thinking together, then they won’t achieve things. This group has the capability to surpass this situation. The players that I saw are people with tactical ability. What’s needed is morale and identity on the field. I am here for that.”

Later president Tino Fernández accepted that Seedorf wasn’t the first choice in the list, but that he has the qualities that were considered as a priority, “The team needs to reinforce the leadership, and we only thought of people having that quality. I believe he has this virtue. We chose him for his charisma and leadership. This team needs leaders and he can do it from the bench. The team competes but later fells down as it happened at the Bernabéu and Anoeta. We need that hit of belief and leadership.”

“We studied several options. We analyzed with the board of directors about what was the main problem of the team. Truly we had other options, but we only thought about the leadership. It’s not proper to talk of others, but all of them have that quality.  That was a key to determine what kind of coach we needed.” The president added.




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