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07 Feb 2018
Parralo explained his feeling after been sacked on Sunday. President Tino Fernández explained the reasons for the decision and also left an open door to see the coach staying in other functions.

Cristóbal Parralo conceded a press conference on Tuesday. He was joined by president Tino Fernández.  Both men faced the media after the club decided to make a new change at the first team due to the poor results in liga.

The president is aware of the good work done by Parralo and his assistants, that’s why he assured that the club is open to allow their continuity in other roles, “We want to thank them for their work. We are in front of a person with talent. Right now, we have a bittersweet taste, but we need to valorize everything they did for all of us.”

“Thanks to their work, we will have professional players really soon. I told him and now say it in public, we will like that this is only a pause, not a final good-bye. These words can also be applied to their assistants, Javier Manjarín and Luis Fandiño. Our intention is that the three of them could continue at the club, but we will see each case separately.” He added.

The president also admitted his blame for the current situation, “If I would know what the problem is, I would be talking of the solution. You ask many questions to yourself and the key is to find answers. What are we missing? That’s the big question. We all can be blamed for this, starting with me and ending with the last man that arrived. This is a collective problem.”

Then Parralo talked, “In first place, I want to thank the president and the board for been here in my good-bye. I also thank the workers of the club and the media for the respect they showed, also to the fans for the support that I had. It’s a pity that the work done didn’t have a reward and I wish the team can be upper. This is not the time for complaints, but to transmit strength, so everything could be fine. It’s the right moment to see everyone united and committed to the cause.”

He didn’t want to blame the players for the poor performance in recent months, “I said good-bye to the players and wished them luck. We embraced and shacked hands with many of them. We all wish the best for Depor. I won’t reproach anything to the players. My destitution is because the results weren’t good. I didn’t come here in order to make friends, but to make a good job. I don’t know if the players were supporting me, you will need to ask them. What happened it happened. I came to train every day and faced all the situations, the changing rooms have their problems and you need to know how to deal with it.”

The Andalusian coach said that he understands the reasons why he was sacked, “I understand how football is and respect the decisions. The results are what prevail. The board decided that they need to search for a new situation and I can only accept it. They gave me the chance to work at Primera and feel sorry that things didn’t work as we wanted.”

He was also explained why he refused the option to stay working on other tasks, “The president, when he informed me about my exit, also told me that he wanted me to stay, but right now I don’t see myself working with the club. I am a coach and what I want is to coach. I want to reset myself, rest and since then to see what the future has for me.”

Asked about the reasons why the first was failing, Parralo said that, “Surely I would not repeat many of the things that didn’t work, but right now is easy to analyze. I don’t repent at all, I believe it was quite an experience and the only thing I feel sorry is that the results weren’t good. I never surrendered and I believe neither the players did, but there were results in which they gave signs of weakness.”

 The now former coach of Depor believes that not everything is negative at the club, actually he was emphasizing the good moment of the other teams, “I don’t think we can be talking of self-destruction. The club is doing the right things and is putting a base. Juvenil A is the leader ad Fabril is second… we are only missing to see the first team pulling up.”



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