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12 Feb 2018
Seedorf debuts at Depor’s bench. He is content with what he saw in his first week on the job. Betis’ coach wants to see an ambitious team searching for the three points.

After Sunday’s training, Clarence Seedorf conceded his first press conference ahead of a game. He was talking of the motivation of a team that’s searching for a reaction. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the squad: “They are fine. I am content with the work done. I found a group willing to work and open with the new coaching staff. There’s hope to work together. It was a good week, they worked with intensity and we are having good feelings.”

Message to the fans: “This club has 100 years of history, and what I know is that the fans have always showed their love for the colors. It hasn’t changed and I think we cannot ask anything more to them, just that this group of players deserve the support from the fans, because they are lads that work hard. They spent the week preparing the game and I believe everyone should feel hopeful, so we can turn the page soon. Tomorrow is an important occasion to do it.”

Guilherme: “He is out after skipping two important days, I talked to everyone as we count with everyone. Everybody will have the chance to play, either as a starter or as a substitute, but right now it only counts the group and not me. Today someone might not play, next week he can be a starter. It’s the spirit. There’s no room for individualities. We are willing to play as a team.”

Betis: “I am more worried about Depor. Betis is a good team, they create danger with ease and have scored a lot of goals, they have conceded a lot too. They play wide open as they attack with many players, but for me the important thing is who we are going to enter into the meeting.”

Pride: “Pride is an important motivation. We have to wait and cannot anticipate things with words, we have to show it on the pitch. The players must be ready to react.”

Strategy for the game: “We must be united, playing together as a team, in both phases, it’s the first thing we need to focus We witnessed a reaction and am waiting for it tomorrow.”   

Mosquera proved as a centre-back: “He is a smart player. He had some issues and I count with him. He is polyvalent. Each coach has an idea, but I see he can cover different roles in this team. Nothing is defined yet.”

Motivating the players: “I believe the physiological aspect is important. In these kinds of situations, the negative issues are always there, but I’ve enough motives to think in a positive outcome. The standings don’t match the potential of this team, we need to start believing again in our qualities. We see this week the will to work together, and the physiological aspect is improving. The logical thing is that the results will come.”

Captain for the game? “I haven’t thought about it. Foe me it isn’t too important. There are players on here that are the leaders, the natural leaders and let’s see what I think tomorrow [he laughed]”

Situation at the standings: “We have sixteen matches left and need to add the larger number of points. If the other teams lose points, what will happen is to climb. We need to make our games and seize the situations.”

Quique Setién addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He talked of the importance of the meeting, the possible tactical draw for the game and the arrival of Seedorf at Depor. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Seedorf: "There will be unknowns, including the coach, who is new, and we are sure to expect some surprise regarding what Deportivo did in recent months, what will not change are the players, whom we know well. The change of coach conditions the game, but we have many automatisms that allow us to harm any rival. Their current situation may be affecting them, because more was expected from them. These permanent changes are not easy, but it will be used in depth, because with a new coach the motivation changes. We will have to keep it in mind, but that doesn’t influence us much, what worries me is that Seedorf gets a shirt and plays, because he was a huge footballer ".

State of the players: "There are players with some discomforts, mainly Ruben [Castro] due to a blow to the chest, yesterday he couldn’t work, he was better today and I suppose he will not have any inconvenience, the rest , unimportant things, Joel Campbell is getting better, he's doing a lot of work on the field, I don’t know how long it can take. "

Important game: "We have ambition and desire to go and win the game in A Coruña and we will see if we can carry it out, we are very excited and very aware of what is at stake, nobody thinks we are going there to hang out or that we don’t have ambition as I've heard,  it seems like laughing, all players have ambition, but all that happens before are words, each one will give what they can, they also play, Depor want to win, surely their future depends of winning this game and will come out with a knife between the teeth, like us. "

The starting eleven: "Joaquín is a player for the wing, like Tello, who with the system of three centre-backs has to come from the inside, but that misaligns us, because they aren’t normal midfielders, and we are thinking about what we will do. For what we have always done, playing in one way or another the team is very well and aware of this match and the possibility of the next. "

"We are thinking about the issue, I liked a lot of things about playing with three centre-backs, first the output of the ball, Bartra helped us with his control of space and tactical actions, he filtered interesting passes. I also liked it, there are things to improve, like the activation after a loss or precision in easy situations."

Loren: "What he did the other day is a specific circumstance, scoring twice, but he also let me know that he can be a good player. This is nothing more than starting, the important thing for these kids is not to arrive but to stay and have the ability to remain focus. If he does it, then he will be taking steps forward, but you haven’t done anything yet, you have a world to show that you can stay at Primera Division for a long time, it's not worth a day or two, it's perseverance, it's 38 matches and 90 minutes, it’s not worthy only 6 minutes or two goals. "

A possible signing after Feddal’s injury: "His casualty could condition us in some way the scheme of three centre-backs, we have Bartra, Amat, Javi Garcia... It’s a situation that we are analyzing if a player could appear in that position or for midfield, always if he can help us with performance since day one. The market that we have is very limited, because they have to be unemployed players or players already in La Liga. You don’t have many options. You would have to facilitate the exit of a player at other club.”




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