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20 Feb 2018
Eneko Bóveda talked to reporters and analyzed the current situation of Deportivo. He understands the pessimism, but at the same time feels encouraged with this new project in his career.

One of the new faces at Deportivo, Eneko Bóveda, talked to reporters on Monday and analyzed the situation of Depor. He was explaining his view in the relegation battle, “Each day there’s less time, and the importance we give to the game is the less important thing, because we all are conscious that each wasted opportunity leaves things more difficult. Each day there are lesser teams at the bottom and we better add points now. Logic tells you that there are four teams with a worse situation than the rest and it will be hard for them to go out of there.”

Then the Basque was explaining how he is living the current situation inside the changing room, “There are two sides, in one I have a hope that I lost before, because this is a new project in my sporting life. Besides the challenge is a little more difficult of what I thought. In that sense, and with the luck of been able to participate, I am feeling that I am taking part of something, so I feel satisfied and at the same time responsible. I must give everything and move forward.”

“In the other hand the weeks are tougher, because everything surrounding the team is pushing you downwards, the results and everything. It’s a mixture of both things and what I try is to see the first facet prevailing, so things can be fine for me and the team.” He added.

Later he was analyzing the fact that he is playing more at the centre of the defence than on the right side. “There’s no problem. Tactically, I dominate both positions. I’ve played in both and I am thankful for having continuity. I think that any player, having continuity, is feeling safer about what he is doing. In that sense I am growing, but the position is not important.”

Bóveda was also talking of the continuous protest from the fans for the poor season of Deportivo, “We often see this. Each year at Primera there are three teams that don’t fulfill the goals established at the start of the campaign, and it’s usual that the disappointments are converted into protests within the most passionate groups. We cannot pay attention to it, because in the end everything passes through the same: us. I always say the same: if you want to help the team the best thing to do it is trying to support. There’s always time and we must feel that people are in the same boat.”

“I understand that you live things with passion and sometimes you overreact. I cannot tell anyone how you should live the passion for a badge. I know people are suffering, but also know that, if we all move forward, we all are going to celebrate. Everybody must do their part and add a grain of sand, we are the ones that should bring more grains.” He added.

He denied that Deportivo don’t have the personality to react before adverse results, “This is a normal team that has reactions as any other team submerged in bad results, it has human reactions that are normal. What we must do is to work hard in order to impose before that pressure. We are working with the coaches in order to keep the head high. Evidently we aren’t content with the reaction after Alavés’ goal.”

“Maybe people believe we are dead, maybe they will guess right at the end of the season, and surely they will forget what they said if we react. For me the team is not walking away and neither is dead. We aren’t about to die, we are only at the bottom as the results aren’t coming. There are lights and shadows. It’s a matter of working and revert the bad things.”  The ex-Athletic man added.



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