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25 Feb 2018
The coach and the players were trying to consulate the fans with the usual speech, Seedorf believes that the team is still improving and defended Lucas. Espanyol’s coach was heavily criticized during the press conference.

Clarence Seedorf was trying to stay positive as he valued the game of Deportivo, “The first half was equal, with only a few chances. But in the second half we have saw what the lads have done, and I can only say that this is the path to follow. Playing like this, with this intensity and with these arrivals, it is only a matter of time. This is a step forward.”

“It’s clear that we are going to earn morale from this game. The reaction from the team was fantastic. The reaction from the fans was fantastic. They helped the team a lot and the players responded. This a base. Now in four days we play again and need to rest. It’s a point and I believe we must continue believing, because what we saw on the field it’s clear: this the path to follow. Espanyol had better ball possession in the first half, and we dominated in the second half. This is an evolution, because last week we made a good first half and later lowered the performance.” He added.

The Dutchman denied that he is worried for the lack of goal, “In football sometimes the ball doesn’t want to enter. The worry will be if you don’t create opportunities and today we had and had many. We had several arrivals and that's important. In the second half the team made a better game."

Finally, Seedorf praised Lucas despite missing the penalty, “The only negative thing of Lucas was to miss the penalty, because he made a great game. He fought hard for the team and made quality players. The fans applauded him and what I did was to kiss him. The one that doesn’t attempt is the one that cannot fail. We had so many occasions, not only the penalty, so it isn’t that we didn’t win because we missed a penalty. I liked Lucas a lot.”

Juanfran was having a bittersweet taste for the outcome, “It’s a tough feeling, because you leave having good sensations with the game, also improving in the second half, just when in recent games we were a little poor. Today we pressed until the end, but the need of the points is making you to leave sad. In other moment you will be happy with the point, but this is path. We achieved a clean sheet and must continue. With this attitude Depor will move out.”

The right-back was thanking the applause from the public at the end, “Sincerely we are in a delicate situation after so many games without winning. It says a lot of the reaction from the public. This club is different and we all deserve that things could turn around and that Deportivo will continue to grow.”

Like the coach, Adrián was also trying to be optimistic, “We deserved to win. It was a great game in all aspects. It only failed to see the ball going in, but I believe the game was very good. Today we didn’t allow them to create danger and we hit the post twice, later the penalty of Lucas. Everybody saw it and that’s why the public ended content. Despite not winning this could be a turning point as it could add morale and help to be united with the public. Playing like this the three points will arrive soon.”

Pedro Mosquera was praising the coach, “Seedorf came with a clear idea that’s he’s trying to transmit. Yesterday we translated it into the field, with good moments in the second half and also in the first. He is a great professional that has plugged everyone, so his arrival was positive.”

The midfielder was also praising the level shown by the team, “Surely the second half was better, but we also made a serious game in the first half, with moments of good football. Playing like this we can defeat anyone. It was a positive day, because playing like this the results will come.”

At RCD Espanyol, Quique Sánchez Flores was heavily criticized by the Catalan media during the press room and he spent the time defending himself, “We have a better squad of what it seems. The mind of the athlete, not only in football, feeds on the results and good feelings. We have seen two teams that are fragile due to the level of sensations and emotions, you can see right away. So, when we started to see ourselves dominated by Deportivo, the players have started to remember their worst episodes of the season and the most fragile moments.”

"You have to value that the opponent also plays, that they had more of what was saw in the first half and that if Depor didn’t appear before it is because the team did well. We would have liked to keep this level of the first half more time. But if we cannot, then we try to fight." He added.




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