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14 Jan 2007
The point achieved in Huelva has been described as a positive result by the players and by coach Caparr??s. But there's also some frustration since Depor was very close to achieving its first away win of the liga season. Meanwhile, an important declaration was made by Duscher, the Argentinean said that he doesn't think that he will leave the club at the end of the month, he prefers to do it during the summer.

Joaqu?­n Caparr??s admitted his satisfaction with the draw although he believes that Depor was near to achieving a better result: "It was a good game and I leave Huelva satisfied with my team, but I think that we could have had a better result, but the team missed to fulfil the chances that we had at the end of the game. The result can't be changed. In football the goals are the only thing that matters and in that aspect, both teams did the same."

The Sevillan coach also had eulogies for Recreativo: "We had our chances, and we didn't fulfil them. It was a nice game against a good Recreativo, you can notice that they are already consolidated in Primera. Now, people are coming to the stadium in order to see them and not to see the rival, as on other occasions."

Javier Arizmendi was the protagonist of the game, he scored the goal and failed a clear chance that would have meant the victory. The Madrilian striker expressed his frustration with the occasions to score that weren't fulfilled: "It's a shame. We are happy with the point that we achieved, but after seeing the chances that we missed, it's a shame not leaving the field with the victory at our side." However, Arizmendi said that he is satisfied with the general performance of the squad: "We saw a different Deportivo compared to the team that played in the last games away from Riazor."

Joan Capdevila preferred to see the brighter side of the result: "We achieved a draw in a complicated stadium. It was possible to see that the team is capable to react when we are in disadvantage in the score, no matter that we were playing outside home."

The other side defender, Manuel Pablo, wanted to emphasise that Recreativo enjoyed the possession of the ball, but not of the better chances to score: "They started strongly, dominating the game and trying to achieve the win, but it was Depor who had the better chances to score. In the second half, we were better and although the game wasn't good, we had two clear chances to defeat them."

?lvaro Arbeloa believes that the equalising goal of Deportivo was the fact that changed the dynamic of the game: "We started a little slow, and they were lucky to score. But since we scored our goal, the team had another mentality and we were near to wining the match. They never generated danger against Aouate."

Sebasti??n Taborda had also an optimist view about the result of this game: "The squad was good. At least we didn't lose and we added a point in a complicated stadium. Recreativo surprised us at the beginning, and for that reason they scored the goal. But the positive thing was to see the reaction of the team, and that we were superior during the second half."

Fabi??n Estoyanoff left the game with some pain in his right ankle, but he said that it was nothing. The doctors of the club ordered some rest to him and he will go through new scans in order to know the magnitude of his injury. The Uruguayan winger said after the game that Deportivo is reacting thanks to the new mentality inside the team: "After the Christmas break, there was a change in our attitude. We thought about the things that we were doing in the wrong way and we corrected them. We demonstrated against Recreativo, that  this squad is not only motivated when we face Real Madrid."

Another player that talked after the match was Aldo Duscher. The Argentinean confessed that he isn't thinking of an exit during the winter window, but he is expecting to leave the club during the summer market: "This issue has been carried out by my father, but my exit to River Plate is difficult because Depor will ask money for the transfer. The best thing for me is to wait until the summer since I will be free to go then."

Meanwhile, the coach of Recreativo, Marcelino, was convinced that his team deserved a better result: "We deserved more for our game and resources. Besides we created more chances to score. We were near to the 2-0 and it was then when that unfortunate play came and they equalised the game. That play changed the match. I also have to admit that Depor was near to win the game during the last minutes of the encounter."

Juan Carlos Valer??n played the last couple of minutes at the Nuevo Colombino. He ended the game without problems, but during yesterday's training, he felt some pain in his right knee -the same one that was operated five months ago. The doctors didn't want to take risks with him, and he was sent immediately to Madrid in order to do further scans.

At the end, it was confirmed that the Canarian playmaker suffered a contusion in the knee. For that reason, he will have to rest for eight days, meaning that Valer??n will miss the copa clash with Mallorca and the liga game against Espanyol. However, it was confirmed that the injury isn't serious at all. It just a precaution measure in order to avoid a bigger problem.

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