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14 Jan 2007
The media is satisfied with the work done by Deportivo. The papers agreed to write that Depor had enough chances to conquer the final victory, but the signals of recuperation in the game of the squad were also noticed -especially in the defensive zone . The same situation happens in Huelva, the Andalucian media described the latest result of Marcelino's team as an 'achievement'.

La Voz de Galicia: There was some curiosity in order to see the level of recuperation in this Deportivo. A fact that started in the games with Real Madrid and Mallorca. The truth is that after seeing the level of the squad, the game in Huelva was more related to the match in Mallorca. The performance was far from being the brilliant argument staged against the Madrilians, but it was possible to see symptoms of recuperation in the Galician squad, although the performance continues to lose some points when the team plays away from Riazor.

With the same starting eleven that defeated Real Madrid, Depor bet on the direct football. The idea was to search for the counterattacks, a game based on the pressure and the recuperation of the ball in midfield. For that reason, it wasn't possible to see the strikers in plays in which they were dominating the ball, they were just searching for long passes.  But the key for the recuperation isn't in the attacking zone, it's the security at the back. We have to make an exception with the first fifteen minutes of this match, a period in which the Galicians suffered a lot.

But as soon as the team of Caparr??s regained the concentration, Recreativo had huge problems to reach Aouate, and it was more difficult for them when they tried to create combinations. The axis Andrade-De Guzm??n-Duscher is giving more consistency to Deportivo, in this way the team plays with sobriety. And if the squad hasn't won yet a match away from home, it's for the lack of offensive resources and arguments in the attacking zone, it isn't anymore an imbalance that's ending with a lot of goals in Depor's net, as it happened before the Christmas break. Alfonso Andrade.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: A point of confirmation. Depor recuperated the taste for the good treatment to the ball. It was noticed at the Nuevo Colombino, a place where the squad scored a goal after being destroyed in the previous three visits. This time Recreativo was the one that suffered - the revelation squad of the season. They weren't able to shine and had to follow the game under the rhythm imposed by the Galicians. The squad has abandoned the game based on long balls to nowhere, strategy that was used before like a defensive resource, the same one made by any squad in situations of desperation. Now, the Blanquiazul team is combining, playing with length, using the wings and looking for the holes in the rival zone. In other words, all the weapons that disappeared from Depor's arsenal during the first part of the season. Those arguments made possible the draw in Huelva for Joaqu?­n Caparr??s's team. The result is positive if we think about the situation that the team was living, but we also have to realise that the satisfaction would be bigger, if some of the occasions that the forwards failed were just materialised. Occasions, in plural, something that was weird to see before.  Xos?© Manuel Mallo.

ABC: Arizmendi is capable to convert the difficult things into easy situations and one minute later, he shows the opposite case. He demonstrated it last week against Real Madrid and yesterday he confirmed it against Recreativo. He scored the goal for Deportivo with a shot from long-distance, and later he missed several occasions in which the most easy thing was to score the goal.

AS: In football, there's a phrase that says: "when you can't win a game, the best thing is to draw". And both teams followed this sentence. Because both of them fought with more heart than head, especially Recreativo. They realised that a draw wasn't a bad thing during an evening that was becoming darker. They didn't care about any previous exhibition, nor by the antecedents -both arrived after a win over Real Madrid.

This game seemed to be interesting but it ended up being exasperating. Poor football and a lot of fouls in a match of two opposite teams. The first one, Recreativo, used to pass the ball. The other one, Depor, based its options in long balls to Arizmendi, Riki and a solid defensive line. The home side was able to do almost nothing, while the Galicians were tasting the victory. They didn't deserve more, but they had the better chances to win the game. Gabriel Gal??n.

Huelva Informaci??n: At the end, a happy result for Recreativo. Because after the early advantage and after a couple of chances to double the score, the Andalucian team disappeared from the pitch. Especially during the second half, a period in which the team had to depend of a couple of good interventions made by L??pez Vallejo. The end of the game had a strange smell, and things weren't going so well for Recre, at the end they conquered the point that's tasting like glory. And it isn't a consolation to look back to the last results of the squad. It has to be remembered that the team has won seven of the last nine points, and it happened playing as visitors against Real Madrid and Espanyol, and at home against Deportivo. An achievement. Paco Gamero.

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