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23 Apr 2018
The worst game of the season for Fabril, the team never knew what to do and only reacted when the score was 0-3. Munúa’s side ended the game with nine men as Fornos and Blas Alonso were sent off.

Óscar García and Álex Cobo were still out injured, the winger was expected to be fit for the game, but in the end he missed the derby. Midfielder Carlos López was returning from suspension and was a starter.
The lineup was a 4-3-3 figure with Francis Uzoho covering the goal, Blas Alonso performed at the right-back position, Raúl González and Quique Fornos were the centre-backs, Diego Caballo performed at the left side. Edu Expósito, Martín Bengoa and Carlos López were the centre midfielders, Borja Galán attacked from the right wing. Jorge Romay performed towards the left, then Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

Celta B arrived to the game in a good moment, fifth at the standings after clinching five straight victories in which the team didn’t allow any goal.  But coach Rubén Albés had problems due to the casualties, midfielders Brais Méndez and Víctor Pastrana were picked by the first team, while Jero Lario, Alberto Solís and Pampín were out injured.

But the coach had the trident Dejan Dražić, Juan Hernández and Denis Eckert available, they were starters and arrived to the game as the scorers of 23 of the 36 goals netted in the Segunda B campaign.

Fabril was never in this game, the lads never found the way to overcome the scheme of Celta B and paid a high price for each one of the errors committed in defence. There was a small reaction at the start of the second part, but then more goals arrived and the team ended with nine men on the field.

The game had a slow start, because there were no shots on target and neither clear opportunities to score within the first 20 minutes. But the actions was intense though, because there were three injuries within the first 15 minutes, two of them needed a substitution at each side, while there were also two yellow cards in this frame.

Carlos López was the one that had to be replaced, he collided with a rival when he was disputing a ball and Gaizka Martínez claimed his spot. The visiting side was feeling more comfortable in the game Dejan Dražić and Denis Eckert were combining in offensive positions, but they needed an error in order to score the first goal in the game.

Blas Alonso failed in the output of the ball, then Eckert assisted Dražić, who scored from the left side of the box. Francis should have blocked the attempt, but the Nigerian goalie reacted too late.

The first chance in the game for Fabril came until minute 29, Romay stole the ball at midfield and ran towards the area, and his low shot went far from the post. That was one of the two lonely opportunities for the locals in the first part.

Celta B lacked depth, but always looked better at the moment of attacking. At Fabril, Romay appeared a couple of times, while Borja Galán and Uxio were disappeared. Edu Expósito had the second chance in the half, he found the ball at the edge of the area and his strong shot was deflected by a rival to corner-kick (43’).

Fabril started better in the second part, by minute 49 the locals had already created two chances to score. The main one was a header of Uxio that left the ball to Romay, then his shot from close range was saved by visiting goalie Dani Sotres

And in the next play Celta B scored again. It was a counterattack that ended in a corner-kick that Juan Ros headed into the near post of Francis. the goal cut the short reaction of a Fabril that returned to be the same apathetic side of the first part.

Munúa moved the bench and Luis Fernández replaced Martin Bengoa, but the side that scored again was Celta B. The visiting side made a substitution when they were throwing a free-kick at midfield, then they surprised with a long throw and again Blas Alonso failed, this time he left Juan Hernández alone and he scored from close range past Francis.

Maybe the score was too much, but Celta B clearly deserved the lead. Things were more uphill when Quique Fornos was sent off in a controversial decision. The centre-back saw a yellow card and a four minutes later he left the pitch after his shirt was ripped. It seems the referee didn’t allow his exit and then a second yellow was shown.

The expulsion just ignited the environment at Abegondo. Now every action was protested by the public, while there were a lot of tough tackles in a game that was passive before. The only chance to score in this frame was a crossed shot of Borja Galán that missed the target (79’), then Gaizka Martinez got injured, he had entered in the first half and now was replaced by Steve One.

The game was over, but the best minutes of Fabril arrived. The lads started to push and finally started to give a sense of danger. And they got a reward with the goal of Luis Fernández. He collected the ball at midfield after a long pass from Raúl González and, after dribbling three rivals, he fired a low and crossed shot past Dani Sotres.

Suddenly there was hope, but it ended one minute after the goal with the expulsion of Blas Alonso. He already was booked in the first part, and this time saw a direct red card for kicking Juan Hernández.  With nine men on the pitch, it was Celta B the side closer to score again, Juan Hernández. had two chances that were saved by Francis (89’ & 90+2’)

Lesson for Fabril, the score was too much for what was sawm on the pitch, but Celta B was the superior side throughout the game. The lads ended with nine men as Quique Fornos and Blas Alonso were sent off.  The price was higher taking in mind that Carlos López and Gaizka Martinez left the field injured. Fabril lost the first place but remains in the promotion zone, the next game is the visit to Rápido De Bouzas (Sunday, 18h30 CET).

Comments from Munúa: “We met a tough game. The game was clear as the minutes passed. We got the ball and they planned everything as they sought for counterattacks. Their goals were all punctual errors from us, it brought the nerves out and, despite how the score was, we had our chances. Our errors hit us hard and later the game was crazy with the expulsions and injuries, it only helped Celta.  We met a team that came to defend and bet in the counterattack, and with the passage of the minutes they felt better, but you learn from everything.“

Fabril: (4-3-3) Francis – Blas, Quique Fornos, Raúl González, Caballo – Carlos López (Gaizka Martínez 15’) (Steve One 75’), Edu Expósito, Martín Bengoa (Luis Fernández 54’) – Borja Galán, Uxío Dapena, Romay.
Celta B: (4-2-3-1) Dani Sotres - Kevin, Robert Costa (Riki Mangana 9’), Juan Ros, Diego Alende - Rai Marchán (Álex Serrano 59’), Dani Molina - Agus Medina, Dejan Dražić (Pol Roige 77’), Juan Hernández - Denis Eckert.
Goals: 0-1: (23) Dražić, 0-2: (50’) Ros, 0-3: (60’) Juan Hernández, 1-3: (81’) Luis
Referee: Pedro Sureda. He showed yellow card to Dani Molina (15’), Edu Expósito (16’), Blas Alonso (25’), Martin Bengoa (35’), Rai Marchán (39’) & Romay (55’). Fornos was sent off with two yellow cards (59’ & 63’). Blas Alonso was sent off with a direct red card (82’).
Venue: Abegondo (3,500)




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