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18 Jan 2007
Deportivo achieved qualification to the quarterfinals in copa del rey, but the media in La Coru?±a didn't like what they saw at the Riazor. The journalists believe that the squad returned to repeat the errors that were committed during the last games of the past year. Meanwhile, the papers in Mallorca are satisfied with the image left by Gregorio Manzano's team.

La Voz de Galicia: A night of authentic shame for football, Deportivo and Mallorca made enough merits to be eliminated. But it was Depor who put its head in quarterfinals thanks to its superiority during the first-leg. Bad subject. The day that the Riazor Blues remembered the nocturnal life of a declining Trist??n, Diego was the best forward on the pitch, or at lest the 'less bad'. Bad subject. The criticised H?©ctor, a bench member in the days of Irureta, seemed to be a player from Chelsea whenever he attacked the defensive line of Deportivo.

It's hard to admit, but there isn't a squad beyond some good and saleable players. The others so far, aren't working. It's possible to say that the youth possess a large margin in order to improve, but the question is what will happen in the short term, since it seems that the youngsters will be without veterans of whom to learn. The main problem is that the Deportivo of this season has no mystery. A mediocre team in Primera, as it reflects its classification in la liga, one that raises its performance when Caparr??s puts on the pitch the players who mark the difference, almost all of them are defensive.

If Andrade and Duscher crown a good framework, Depor becomes a solid team, difficult to beat and that recuperates the ball, a fact that allows  to speculate with fast strikers -but without goal- like Arizmendi or Estoyanoff. But when it's done without this simple and little ingredients, the Galician team is no longer a firm block, it gives away the possession of the ball, loses the control of the match, it's displaced over the field and it practices a simple football that reminds us of our days at the school. Then, the long balls looking for Taborda appear, and the strategic plays become the only answer of a poor squad, just the opposite thing that was possible to be seen some years ago at the Riazor. Alfonso Andrade.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: A fracture between the lines. Depor returned to repeat the errors that were committed during the last games of the past year. The Blanquiazul team jumped to the grass with the comfort granted by the result obtained at the Ono Estadi, but after the goal of Jankovic, the doubts assaulted Joaquin Caparr??s's players. In the fourth delivery of 2007,  the players didn't know during many minutes what script should be interpreted. There were moments in which the pressure was made in the rival's area, and others in which the slogan was to wait in its own defensive zone. Also they decided to try to make combinations, but during almost the entire duel, they chose the direct football.

Yesterday we could see that the duo conformed by Sergio and Verd?? is the least indicated in order to control one game. Verd?? neither has the calm nor the experience to handle the game without losing the position, and that causes a fracture between the lines. In addition, his anarchy on the pitch displaces many companions, and leaves the squad at the mercy of the rival during the counterattacks. The defenders had many difficulties to connect with midfield, because it was only Sergio who approached to their position. Due to these difficulties, the central defenders chose almost in every occasion to send the ball directly to Sebasti??n Taborda. The side defenders didn't have options to attack as they were limited to defend.

The game by the wings continues to be the pending subject of Deportivo. Barrag??n was the one that tried to arrive, but he was always alone. On the left, neither Filipe in first half, nor Riki when he jumped to the field, were able to give difficulties to ex-Depor H?©ctor. The forwards were the last ones that paid the existence of a long distance between their position and the one of the players in charge of providing game to them. The balls that arrived at their location were always with some advantage for the visitors. In summary, The Depor that was sent by Joaquin Caparr??s forgot everything that was done against Real Madrid, Recreativo, and in the first-leg of the copa. It didn't create pressure in the rival's field, it didn't play with speed, and it didn't have effectiveness in attack either. Arturo Pati?±o.

AS: Deportivo suffered, but you have to do it if you want to achieve something. And that suffering was a Riazor almost deserted and a rival that put its faith in a possible comeback. At the end, the objective was reached: quarterfinals. A round that seems to be positive because of the several surprises that were seen on the other series. Now, it's when the real copa del rey begins. A competition that could save the hope, la liga should be a thing to maintain the club. The truth is that Caparr??s obtained what he wanted: minutes for the less habitual players, rest for the troop that will face Espanyol and the qualification to quarterfinals. Mission accomplished. Luis de La Cruz.

El Diario de Mallorca: In copa del rey, the errors can be very expensive. And Mallorca is going through this situation. A terrible first-leg and a clear penalty with the addition of an expulsion, have thrown Mallorca out of the competition. A tournament that has provided the greater satisfaction in the ninety years of history of the club. President Grande, who in the presentation requested Manzano to raise the copa once again, will have to wait for a better occasion.

In any case, the team fell with dignity, and the only thing left, is to think about la liga and the almighty Real Madrid. It's necessary to take this elimination like the smaller of the problems. It's now time to straighten the course in the competition that really interests: la liga. The good thing  is that the team, with many absences, returned to give another good image. Great news since in four days, Mallorca will receive the less galactic Real Madrid of the last years. Ricard Cabot.

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