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19 Jan 2007
The first round in la liga will end this Sunday with the visit of RCD Espanyol to Riazor, and until now, nobody from Fabril has been able to play with Depor's first squad during this liga campaign. But at least some of the youngsters have played in copa del rey. Will Caparr??s trust in them for the second round of la liga?

That's the question that everybody is asking. During the past season, players like Iago, Xisco, Iv??n Carril and Senel enjoyed several opportunities in la liga. Iago even won a spot as professional thanks to his brilliant performance with the first squad, but things seem to be slowing down for the present campaign.

Xisco was loaned out to Vencidario, and Iv??n Carril is now playing in Palencia (Segunda B). Senel was transferred to M??laga B, while Iago has only played 69 minutes in the present liga campaign. In this way, Fabril's youngsters that enjoyed opportunities during the past year, started to disappear one by one and nobody from Fabril has replaced them, at least during the first round of the tournament.

One of the most accepted explanations is that Caparr??s has a more complete squad for the present season. Meaning that he doesn't need to use the youngsters so often. Besides the club made a 'facelift' in Fabril for the present campaign. Several players were released and others were loaned out. In order to cover the holes, Coach Tito Ramallo promoted five players from Juveniles (Fabricio, Aridane, Moreiras, Herbert and Piscu) while seven reinforcements were signed. This means that the B squad is new and the players need time in order to know each other, this is another reason why Caparr??s doesn't want to touch these players yet.

But things started to change. For the copa clash with RCD Mallorca, Caparr??s gave a chance to Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu'. The central defender of Fabril debuted in the first leg, and repeated his participation in the second match that was played at the Riazor. Iv??n P?©rez followed his steps after he played the last 20 minutes of the second-leg. A curious situation was seen in this game since the bench was composed of Riki and four youngsters (Piscu, Iv??n P?©rez, Fabricio and Alex).

This situation doesn't mean that things will continue to change during the near future. It isn't probable that Caparr??s will trust in the youngsters for the second part of la liga, especially now that Fabril has improved its results and it seems that Ramallo's team will fight once again for the promotion to Segunda B. The same players don't want to be too optimistic, as striker Iv??n P?©rez said to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a: "It's really hopefully the fact of dreaming of being with the first squad, but we have to keep our minds on the objectives we want to reach with Fabril."

In any case, the continuity of Deportivo in copa del rey will probably mean that Caparr??s will give new chances to Fabril's youngsters in this competition. At least goalkeeper Fabricio will continue to have a spot in the first squad's bench. A situation that's possible since Mun??a continues to be out due to an injury. In this way, it seems that the Babydepor project will continue its run without the contribution of Fabril, at least in the short-term.

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