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24 May 2018
Depor’s sporting director talked of the situation at the market. Carmelo Del Pozo analyzed the exit of Seedorf, the goalkeepers, plus other cases like Mosquera, Róber, Sidnei and Carles Gil.

On Wednesday, new sporting director Carmelo Del Pozo joined Dani Giménez during his presentation. He talked of different issues related to the upcoming season, including who will be the coach and the status of some players. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The goalkeepers:  "Any position needs two players that can be starters and Dani is prepared for the challenge. He already lived situations with the same pressure. The idea is to have two players for the position. We currently have Tytoń and Dani, and later Francis will be the third been inscribed with Fabril. There’s an important situation with Francis: he is international. There are competitions and Segunda is tournament that never stops. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have Francis as one of the two keepers and that later he has to leave, it isn’t good for the day by day."

So, is Tytoń staying? "I talked to all the players and all of them already know what they will live. Tytoń lived a particular situation, he didn’t match the level we expected, but he has it. We must give him the chance that, if he understands that he has to leave, then he could do it. Tytoń has a contract and I respect the contracts, but he already knows what to expect. If he stays then he will have to compete. I understand that there are players that want to leave, Tytoń knows his situation and it must be him the one deciding."

Seedorf: "At the moment of ending the season we talked to Seedorf and the sporting direction understood that the competition is different and that the best thing was to search for another coach."

The next coach: "My ideas are clear regarding who should be the coach, I have names, for me there's one and the other ones are coming next. The piece is so important that, if we have to wait six weeks, we will wait six weeks no matter people start to be nervous. I already have a face and a name. I know the coach that I want, he also knows it. For the coach that I want we don’t need to fight with anyone else.”

Fede Valverde: "Fede [Valverde] has told us that he wants to stay, but is a player from a different league; our idea is to fight so he can stay. We have to see what Real Madrid decides."

Do you know what players will stay?  “There are players that made a step forward in order to say and we will talk about who at the right moment, so people will valorize it. They can lose in a sporting sense, but also in the economic aspect. We told the players that what they lived this season won’t be the same in the next one. They must be clear on that. This is an important step because, for the league we are now, they will lose money. We will need to valorize it if they decide to stay. We need to change some contracts, there are players with whom we will sign new deals in the coming days.”

Reduction in the players’ release options: “Yes, the players have contracts that can stipulate a reduction in the release clause, because their salaries also go down and they request a reduction on the clause too. Personally, I have found some things that I didn’t like in their contracts, but these things are like this.”

Future signings: "We will sign men that know the league, not names. So, when the league ends we will be where we belong. We need men, not names. “

Carles Gil: "The buyout option over Carles Gil is mandatory, no matter the league where we play. We need to see if the player, who is really good, can adapt to the league. The case of Carles Gil is the only case at the club, there are no more mandatory options at this squad.”

Róber: “Róber is in a very different position right now. Probably the heart is telling him one thing and his professional situation a very different one. I had meetings with Róber, and if he returns then he will be an important centre-back."

Pedro Mosquera: "Pedro [Mosquera] must have clear what he wants. If he wants to stay then he will stay. What I need to do is to create the conditions to see him wanting to stay.”

Sidnei going to Villarreal CF? "We don't have any information that Sidnei is going to Villarreal." 




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