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23 Jan 2007
It's time to make the first conclusions about the performance of the team. Deportivo-la-coruna.com has prepared a complete analysis after the first 19 matches in la liga. This analysis has been divided in three parts: statistics, player's performance and coaching analysis. Today we present the first part, while the other two will be published on Thursday.

The first round in la liga season 2006/2007 has ended. Deportivo has only achieved 22 points, a number that's the second worst mark since the last promotion to Primera. Until now, the majority of the statistics are negative, and Caparr??s will have to correct all kind of problems if he wants to see his Babydepor in a better position. The team shows good numbers at home, but everything changes when the squad has to play outside of Riazor.
It has been a very irregular season for Deportivo. The squad started well with fourteen points conquered during the first seven matches, but everything changed after Depor visited Getafe in matchday eight. The Galician team started a negative period of nine consecutive matches without achieving a win, including a mark of 430 minutes without scoring goals.

At the end of the first round, Depor reacted and accumulated one victory and two draws during the last three matches. An important thing is that the squad only allowed one goal during this three games (2-0 Vs. Real Madrid, 1-1 Vs. Recreativo and 0-0 Vs. Espanyol). Without doubt, an improve since Depor allowed 10 goals in the previous three encounters (0-4 Vs. Valencia, 0-2 Vs. Athletic Bilbao and 0-4 Vs. Sevilla).

This fluctuation has been a constant on this season. The period between the first matchday and the seventh one was really good (14 points achieved), and it was the second best start of the last decade, only surpassed by the one made with Irureta during the 2003/2004 campaign (18 points in 7 matches). But suddenly everything changed. Depor accumulated nine consecutive games without achieving the victory. A negative period that has been the worst one since the last promotion to Primera.

At the end, the negative period of nine consecutive games without a win has influenced in the statistics at mid-season.  The 22 points achieved so far (five victories and seven draws), represent the second worst mark since the last promotion to Primera. Only the 1997/1998 campaign was worst with three victories and ten draws (19 points). At that time, Jos?© Manuel Corral was the coach after he replaced Toshack at the beginning of the season. Even the 1991/1992 campaign, the one of the return to Primera, was better since the squad achieved five wins and seven draws.  It's the same record of the present season, but on that opportunity, Depor had a balance of -4  (15 goals scored and 19 goals allowed).

Maybe the most worrying fact are the results achieved as visitors. Deportivo has only achieved four draws after nine games outside Riazor. That means four points and the worst record in this liga tied with Real Sociedad (four draws) and N??stic (one win and one draw). The statistic also represents the worst mark in mid-season for Depor since the 1972/1973 campaign. At that time, Depor was only able to achieve two draws after the first nine visits. Curiously, the present situation is occurring one year after the Galician squad achieved one of its best records as visitors: nine wins, five draws and only five defeats on the season 2005/2006.

At least the home record is very positive. The team has conquered five victories, three draws and only two defeats at the Riazor. The 18 points achieved at home even represents a better mark than the one of Real Madrid (17 points), a team that occupies a Champions League spot. All this demonstrates that Depor is a complete different squad playing outside of Riazor.

One of the explanations for this situation is the lack of experience in some of the players. Several of them are playing in Primera for the first time, and the nervousness of this rookies could be affecting the whole performance in the squad.

Another thing to be worried is the record of goals allowed and goals scored. Depor has received 24 goals after 19 matches. It's the third worst mark in the club since the last promotion to Primera. Only surpassed by the last season of Irureta in Deportivo (2004-2005, 28 goals allowed) and the one of the 2001/2002 campaign (25 goals received).

But curiously, Caparr??s's team has only allowed six goals at home, that's the fourth best record in this liga season, only surpassed by Getafe (3), Barcelona (4) and Valencia (4). In this way, the key to understand the situation is once again the performance outside home. Depor has allowed 18 goals in this condition, that's the triple of the ones received at home.

One of the reasons that's more accepted in order to explain the poor results are the scoring problems in the squad. And the statistics demonstrates it. Depor has only scored 14 goals after 19 games, that's the second worst record in this liga season, only Real Sociedad has a worst number (12). In fact, the mark of 14 goals in 19 matches is the fourth worst record in the history of Deportivo. The only years in which the Galicians scored less goals after 19 games were the seasons 1964/1965 (12), 1971/1972 (13) and 1972/1973 (12).

This lack of goals isn't new, in fact, it's a situation that was noticed since the last season of Irureta in Deportivo. But the Basque coach and his successor, Joaqu?­n Caparr??s, haven't been able to correct the problem.  In this way, Depor passed of having 32 goals after the first 19 matches (season 2003/2004), to be having an average of 21 goals scored in the same period during the following three campaigns.

Another way to see the situation are the names of the scorers. On the season 2004/2005, the scoring list after the first 19 encounters was leaded by Luque with eight goals, followed by Pandiani with six and Trist??n with three. In this order, the strikers of Deportivo on that season had an accumulate of seventeen goals in the first nineteen matches. A very far number compared to the five conquers achieved by the strikers on the present campaign: Arizmendi (4), Riki (1), Bodipo (0), Taborda (0) and Adri??n (0).

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