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02 Dec 2005
A lot has been talked about the future of V?ctor, his father and agent, Jos? S??nchez has said this week that they still waiting a call from the club in order to talk about a possible renovation. Now, the Madrilian winger is saying that his only worry is the state of his knee.

V?ctor said on Thursday after the training that he’s thinking in his recuperation and not in his possible renovation: "It's the same story and I don't see where’s  the polemic. I have a contract and in that sense, my future depends more in the club's decision than by own interests. I still in the same situation and I’m focusing in my present. Besides, I'm more worried in the current state of my knee."

Since his contract ends on June of 2006, a lot of rumours has been said about his future, rumours that increased their intensity after his father talked with the media; however, V?ctor believes that it was a mistake: "It's a misinterpretation. What happened is that he received a call where they told him that some people saw me talking with some English agents in a restaurant, the truth is that it was a Dutch couple friend of mine and I usually speak in English with them. In any case the situation is the same: I have  a contract with Depor."

The Getafe-born winger has been appointed as a possible starter in the next confrontation against Sevilla, a fact that invites him to be optimistic: "I'm very happy and hoping to play soon. Every day I'm better and that's what's giving me the strength... Since the beginning of the season I'm facing a lot of troubles, but when the things are finding a solution is when I'm starting to be happy. I'm waiting for the final decision of the coach."

V?ctor also had eulogies for Sevilla, a rival that he sees as a difficult obstacle: "Sevilla is a team with a good defence, it's difficult to score a goal against them, and that's because their squad is very well organised. They know how to move themselves and also have aggressiveness. They only need to score a small quantity of goals and in that way they are achieving the points. That means that their team has a high doses of quality, in this form they're decisive with just a few occasions to score."

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