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27 Aug 2018
Fabril were close to conquer the first victory of the season, but a late penalty awarded a rival that deserved the point. Debutant Víctor García changed the game in the second half and scored the goals.

Tito Ramallo was presenting a defensive scheme in his return to Fabril. The figure was a 5-3-2 draw with three new singings as starters: Diego Villarres, Javi Cobo an Guillermo May.

Álex Cobo was the starting goalie, Blas Alonso covered the right side in defence, Lucas Viña played on the left, Mujaid, Raúl González and Steve One were the centre midfielders. Villarres, Gaizka Martínez and Javi Cobo were the centre midfielders, May was joining Uxío Dapena in attack.

The rival was C.F Internacional de Madrid, a team that was debuting at Segunda B after conquering the promotion on the previous campaign. The team is coached by Marcos Jiménez and the main reference in attack is Rubén Ramos, a former player of Atlético B and Castilla with a large experience in the league (5 goals with San Sebastián Los Reyes on last season).

Not a good game by Fabril, the lads never felt comfortable on the pitch and suffered a lot in the first part. The rival was having the ball though both sides weren’t creating clear chances to score. The only opportunity within the first 30 minutes was a header of local attacker Rufo that went close to the post (28’).

Things changed for the final five minutes; first Fabril had a triple chance. Uxío connected a pass inside the area and local goalie André Felipe made the save, the loose ball was connected by May and again the goalie made the save, Blas Alonso collected the new rebound and he missed from close range (40’).

Fabril paid the price for not seizing this opportunity, because Inter Madrid scored their first goal at Segunda B in the following play. It was a corner-kick action in which Fernando Pina headed the ball past Álex Cobo.

The second half was following the same path of the first: no scoring chances in a game in which Fabril were doing nothing in attack, while it suffered before the speed of a rival that was looking dangerous in the counterattack.

 But then Ramallo made the first chance of the season and Víctor García replaced Villarres, and only two minutes later the winger was going to score the equalizer through header and after seizing a rebound in a previous header of Uxío.

The goal changed the pace of the meeting and Fabril started to have opportunities. Víctor García was close to score the second with a strong shot that passed close to the post (70’). Two minutes later it was Lucas Viña who was close to score, but he missed the ball in a cross of May that was leaving him before an empty net.

Ramallo switched the draw and allowed the entry of Iago Gandoy replacing Steve One, the draw was now a 4-2-3-1. Rafa Mella had a chance to score in an attempt for the locals that Álex Cobo cleared (76’), then May fired from the edge of the area and the ball went out (79’).

And Fabril were going to score again, and again it was Víctor García seizing a rebound. May released a cross that Uxío headed into the woodwork, the ball went into the far post and Víctor was there to score again through a new header.

Álex Cobo saved the team at the last minute of the regular time against the attempt of Rufo, Ramallo tried to waste time making the last substitution. Adrián Castro replaced May. And then the controversial call of the meeting, Gandoy committed a foul over substitute Stephen at the corner of the area at the last minute of the stoppage time, the referee whistled a penalty despite the action seemed to be taking place outside the area. Alvar Herrero scored the equalizer and then the game ended as the referee didn’t even allow to make the kick-off.

Mixed feelings, Fabril didn’t deserve the victory for what Inter Madrid did in the first half, but it was really close to add the three points until conceding a penalty at the last second. Victor García changed the game in the second half, the winger debuted and scored twice.

Guillermo May also left a positive impression in his debut with the team, while Uxío Dapena continued to be important in attack. The next game is the derby against Celta B (Sunday, 18h00 CET).

Inter de Madrid: (4-2-3-1) André – Robles, Herrero, Moyano, Almeida – Pina (Stephen 72’), Rafa Mella – Muñiz (Tello 87’), Rubén Ramos, Tamayo (Cedrick 75’) – Rufo.
Fabril: (5-3-2) Álex Cobo – Blas Alonso, Mujaid, Raúl González, Steve One (Gandoy 72’), Lucas Viña – Villarres (Víctor García 62’), Gaizka Martínez, Javi Cobo – May (Adrián Castro 90’), Uxío.
Goals: 1-0: (43’) Pina, 1-1: (63’) Víctor García, 1-2: (82’) Víctor García, 2-2: (90+3’) Herrero (penalty)
Referee: Kevin Javier Moreno. He showed yellow card to Almeida (25’), Robles (28’), Steve One (66’), Javi Cobo (70’) & Álex Cobo (90+2’)
Venue: Ángel Nieto (250)




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