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01 Sep 2018
Depor’s coach is satisfied with the composition of his team and also with the level shown before. Tenerife’s coach is happy with the performance of his men in the first two games.

Natxo González is content with the team in the last day of the market, he is also willing to close the rally of three games on the road with a positive result. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Third game on the road: “Another challenge, we will see what’s our answer.”

Nineteen players on the roster: “If something happens you don’t have margin to react, and this is a long trip. That’s why I decided to pick nineteen players.”

Last day of the market: “The last day is here and someone will be thanking to end this. I am content and willing to work.”

Albentosa: “If he doesn’t go out, then we will have five centre-backs. I cannot do more. The ideal thing is to see them leaving, but neither is a problem. They would fight for the spot. I don’t have any problem with that.”

Carlos Fernández: “I remember him, because last season he punished us scoring twice against us. We know this player since some seasons ago and he has had a big progression, though he had a problem with an injury when he was working with the first team [of Sevilla]. He is left footed and is very complete. He is fine defining the plays and gives continuity to the game.”

Captains: “Next week we will name them.”

Tenerife: “It’s one of the candidates to be among the best, they have been close to the promotion zone and was always powerful at home. It’s a new challenge for us. They have an important base and it brings stability, the arrival of Naranjo and Nano are important. So, it’s a competitive squad.”

The start in the league: “It isn’t easy to start playing away from home with practically a new squad and a new coach. It was a challenge and the response was good. We were close to win at Albacete, we did it at Extremadura and now it’s time to face this third game. Let’s see if we can keep adding and play at home with good numbers and with or people happy.”

Valorization of the squad: “I’m happy, content and hopeful with the signings and the players that stayed.  I like it and the only thing that I can transmit is hope.”

Improvements for this game: “I want to win and later to see how. If we achieve it doing everything well then it’s great. But it’s difficult. What to change from the last game? We need to keep the defensive strength, something we had in the first two games, we need to be more reliable in attack as we missed to close the game in Extremadura seizing the couple of chances that we had. We need to dominate both areas, Later the improvement in the efficiency, which is what you do from area to area.”

The behavior of the team after taking the lead: “It’s something we can improve. We had chances to close the games when we took the lead, if you do it then you don’t suffer, but if don’t, then it’s normal to suffer at the end. Because there were will set-pieces and secondary places. If you aren’t effective and don’t increase the score, then you are going to suffer.”

The set-pieces: “It’s one of the facets in which we have been strong. We are convincing in what we are doing, I believe we have been strong.”

Didier Moreno: “He is a player that we will try to use in order to reach the opposite area. We saw the other day that he has arrival and can bring goals, so he will play closer to the rival’s area than to ours.”

Dubarbier: “He has a hamstring issue and the doctors said that he isn’t 100% ready to play.”

Joseba Etxeberria addressed the media on Friday’s afternoon. He talked of the situation of his team and the happiness for the squad that will compete at Segunda. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the squad: “Joao [Rodríguez] is available. Montañés is better, he already started to train, but didn’t complete too many sessions and we will wait for the next game. Joao will be picked, he is fine and only stopped as a precaution, the feelings are okay. We also need to see how Tyronne evolves. He has changed and is in the final phase, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. We are aware of his level.”

New lawn at the stadium: “We have been following the evolution of the pitch. The lawn is magnificent, the players will love to step in. Tomorrow we will be highly motivated, because we are back at home and facing Deportivo.”

Lineup for the game? “I don’t like to give clues. We will see what we present tomorrow. I see the players are plugged, with intensity during the week. I already made my decision, but no matter the names the important thing is to give the best of us.”

Physical state of the team: “In the last two games we ended stronger than the rivals, those were very different games. But the team interpreted both games in the best way, we need to reinforce and fix the mistakes. We hope to show our best version. We play at the Heliodoro López stadium, people push hard and we feel supported. We need to transmit energy so they can help us in the delicate moments of the games. Surely they will push us.”

The last signing, Héctor Hernández:  “I know Héctor Hernández. He has a long run on the pitch and knows how to strike the ball. He has a lot of energy and has also experience. He didn’t have continuity, but I heard what I wanted to hear when I called him: that he cannot let this opportunity pass him.”

The summer window: “I hope there aren’t more movements. We think the team is closed with the arrival of Héctor Hernández. We valorize the exit of Naheul thinking of his evolution as a player. It wouldn’t have been good to keep him at the B squad, that picture is in the past.”



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