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29 Jan 2007
Caparr??s and his players were satisfied with the point achieved. The problems lived during the second half are enough reasons to be happy with the final result. In Zaragoza, coach V?­ctor Fern??ndez was surprised with the lack of effectiveness in his strikers.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s was satisfied with the final result, although his team was near to achieve the win: "After a complicated game like this one, I want to leave the pitch with the idea that we haven't lost during the new year. We are taking a point from a difficult stadium and after we lived a second half that was really fortunate for us. But I also think that we were near to the victory, especially after the squad was close to scoring the second goal during the first time."

The Sevillan coach also emphasized that the exit of Duscher was a key moment on this match: ""We were in serious troubles with the injury of Duscher, that situation forced us to change the position of some players, but at the end, the squad knew how to defend the result. About the fact of having a line of five defenders, I ordered it because Zaragoza had several players working with the ball, and we were needing someone that was responsible for covering any hole."

Alvaro Arbeloa returned to Zaragoza, a city in which he started his professional career. The ex-Real Madrid defender gave his opinion about the performance of the defence during the second half: "The coach decided to reinforce the centre of the defence, and I believe that we were really concentrated on it. The problem was that the squad was locked at the back, and they were searching the equaliser with everything. However, we had several occasions in the first half in order to score the second goal."

The hero of the game was Dudu Aouate, the Israeli saved Deportivo on several occasions and was only beaten in a penalty action. He commented the play in which Taborda committed the penalty: "It was bad luck, because the ball hit the post first, then it hit me in the face and it ended in nowhere's land."

Filipe Lu?­s confessed that he was really comfortable playing as a left back: "I played in other opportunities as a winger, but today I was really happy playing at the left back. All my life, including when I was in Brazil, I have played there. Luci (Caparros's assistant) said to me that we should be strong in defence, because they have quality players upfront."

Doctor C?©sar Cobi??n explained the problem suffered by Duscher during the first half: "He suffered a muscular injury and for that reason, the coaches decided to replace him with Juan Rodr?­guez." It isn't the first time that Duscher suffers this kind of problems, he missed a good part of the first round due to a similar injury. For the moment he will rest, but the Argentinean will surely miss the copa game with Valladolid.

Who passed to be the villain of the match was Sebasti??n Taborda. The Uruguayan explained the play in which he committed the penalty that ended with Diego Milito scoring the equalising goal: "I talked with the referee, and I explained to him that it was the only solution, I was needing to be between the player and the ball. I was only protecting the ball, and I never tried to commit a foul."

However, Taborda was satisfied with his performance. He scored his first goal in this liga season, and the second one in the month of January: "It seems that things are finally working for me. It was a great cross from Javier (Arizmendi), I am really happy because the draw is important and demonstrates that the squad is living a good moment."

Cristian Hidalgo was another player that gave his opinion about this match. The Catalan admitted that his team lived difficult times during the second half, and for that reason he is satisfied with the final result: "The second part belonged to them. To achieve a draw outside home is always a positive thing, and I believe that in this case, the final result was really good for us."

In Zaragoza, coach V?­ctor Fern??ndez couldn't believe the bad luck of his strikers: "This has been a huge lack of effectiveness in our striking zone. If it wasn't for the penalty, we wouldn't have achieved a goal." However, the ex-Celta coach was satisfied with the performance of his men: "I am happy with the work done by the squad. Depor only made a couple of shots on goal, in fact their first shot was the goal. We didn't know how to manage the first half, and we missed fluidity in the offensive functions."

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