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03 Sep 2018
A big error of Álex Cobo cost a game in which Celta B was the better side in large stages of the meeting. French midfielder Salles-Lamonge debuted with the team.

Coach Tito Ramallo had the casualties of Bicho, Carlos López and Steve One for injury reasons. He continued playing with a line of five defenders and allowed the presence as starter of Víctor García after his explosive debut on the previous weekend.

Álex Cobo was the starting goalie, Blas Alonso covered the right side in defence, Lucas Viña played on the left, Mujaid, Raúl González and Quique Fornos were the centre-backs. Gaizka Martínez and Javi Cobo were the centre midfielders, Guillermo May attacked from the left wing, Víctor did it from the right and Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

The rival was Celta B in the first mini-derby of the campaign, the team coached by Rubén Albes was coming after debuting with a victory, and with Iban Salvador and Víctor Pastrana as the main references in attack.

Celta B demonstrated that’s the better assembled team in this start of the league, it was superior the major part of the time, but needed a defensive error to earn the thee points. Fabril had its opportunities, but in large stages it was a plane team without ideas.

The game started with Celta B having the ball, but Fabril had the first chance to score. May fought for the ball at the edge of the area and, after a rebound, Uxío fired a strong shot that went over the crossbar (9’).

The second chance in the game was also for Fabril, Javi Cobo released a volley into the path of Víctor García at the box, but the winger couldn’t resolve against visiting keeper Iván Villar and the ball went to corner-kick (12’).

Celta B were having the ball, but it didn’t have depth and their first shot on target came until minute 30 through Pastrana in a solo-play saved by Álex Cobo. Fabril had problems to have the ball, but later wasn’t suffering in defence and even looked fresher in the counterattack.

But that picture almost changed at the last minute of the first half. Fabril was trying to push in attack and Celta B released a counterattack that ended with Dani Molina releasing a strong shot that hit the crossbar and later went out (45’).

The final part started with a chance to score for Celta B, Emmanuel Apeh got the ball at the edge of the area and his strong shot was saved by Álex Cobo (48’). Fabril responded with a double chance. First Uxío made the play on the right corner of the box, nether Víctor García nor May were able to push the ball in (54’).

 One minute later, MayLucas Viña and his strong shot passed close to the far post.  Álex Serrano had the next chance to score for Celta B, he made the play at the edge of the area and his strong shot passed close to the near post of Álex Cobo (59’).

Then Ramallo made the first substitution and Sèbastien Salles-Lamonge debuted with Fabril. The entry of the French player didn’t change the draw as it continued to be a 5-4-1. And then Celta B scored in a big error of Álex Cobo.

The keeper tried to catch a header from a team mate, but it passed between his legs and substitute Dennis Eckert seized the chance to score before an empty net. The game became crazy after the goal as both sides were having chances.

May could have scored after heading a cross rom the left, but he missed the target (69’). In the counterattack, Eckert built up the play and assisted Iban Salvador, who hit the crossbar firing from the penalty spot, the rebound couldn’t be seized by Pastrana.

Ramallo switched the draw and Villarresreplaced Quique Fornos. The midfielder was close to score at minute 81, this after a header of Uxío that was leaving him alone before Iván Villar, but the keeper arrived first and caught the ball.

 The final change was the entry of Pedro Correia replacing Gaizka Martínez, who was dealing with muscle issues. The Portuguese had the last chance in the game for Fabril, this after heading out a corner-kick action (85).

Fabril have a lot of work to do, there are a lot of new signings and need to assimilate the ideas of the coach. And in the mii-derby it was demonstrated that Celta B is the better team at this stage. Truly the first defeat on the season came after an error of the goalkeeper, but the team had a disappointing performance as in large stages it simply did nothing before a block that knows how to face the different scenarios presented in a game of this league.

Fabril have only added a point after the first two matchdays, the next game is the visit to CD Fuenlabrada (Sunday, 12h00 CET).

Fabril: (5-4-1) Álex Cobo – Blas Alonso, Fornos (Villarres 73’), Mujaid, Raúl González (Sèbastien Salles-Lamonge 61’), Lucas Viña – Víctor García, Javi Cobo, Gaizka Martínez (Pedro 83’), May - Uxío.
Celta B: (4-2-3-1) Iván Villar – Manu Farrando, Allende, Juan Ros, Rai Marchán – Pampín, Álex Serrano - Dani Molina, Iban Salvador (Jacobo 77’), Apeh (Dennis Eckert 52’) – Pastrana.
Goal: 0-1: (66’) Eckert
Referee: Leandro Carrajales Gómez. He showed yellow card to Raúl González (20’), Dani Molina (36’), Iban Salvador (72’), Javi Cobo (79’) & Pastrana (84’).
Venue: Abegondo (900)




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