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09 Sep 2018
Depor’s coach is concern of the respond that the team will have in the first game at home, especially since some men are playing there for the first time. Sporting’s coach says the game will be defined by details.

Natxo González talked to reporters on Saturday’s morning. He was talking of the state of the squad and the injured players, he also expressed his concern as some new players haven’t stepped yet in Riazor. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Injuries: “It has been a complicate week, we had several incidents, important in some cases. We were waiting for Carles Gil and today he trained with the group. He is fine, another thing is if he can be fit for the full 90 minutes.”

Cartabia or Carles Gil are going to start: “We need to spread the minutes between Fede [Cartabia], Carlos [Fernández] and Carles [Gil]. I don’t know if one of them as a starter and later the other. We will see.”

Is Carlos Fernández ready to start? “I see him ready to be available. We will see if he can hold on. It depends on the intensity of the game.  We will see if Carles or Fede start too, or if both end playing.”

Several changes at the lineup: “There’s no other way when you have casualties. But we always talk of having different options and we will see. The problem is when you have casualties in the same position. Borja Valle and Quique were getting the minutes, and the coincidence is that Christian is with his national team now. From that point we will try to be as competitive as we can. The idea isn’t changing, but you obviously lose potential.”

The importance of a victory: “In some way the ones that must hook the public is us. We are there and let’s see if we can extend the good results of the away games. We need to be strong at home against a powerful rival in the league. A victory will be important.”

Sporting: “They had a strong start, in the first game they tied at the last minute and later had two straight games at home. They found a starting eleven, but it’s too soon to have a settled team. But they have earning confidence after chaining positive results.”

The Riazor: “The lawn is fine. The rest is a mess. The stadium will be pretty when it will be finished. The grass is fine and that is what matters.”

Some players haven’t even stepped into the Riazor: “The dynamic is to focus in the players that know the stadium and the fans, they spoke of what we could find.  Since that point we will see. We need to administrate the game after playing three times on the road. What is the response if we play badly? We need to administrate that. Tomorrow we will train there, so the players could see how the grass is”

The captains: “We chose the captains between everybody. The order? Álex, Mosquera, Eneko and Dani.”

Do you feel pressure for been playing at home? “There’s no pressure. Truly you face pressure when you compete as you represent someone, but it isn’t creating anxiety. We need to progress and do the right things, so I am not affected.”

Rubén Baraja talked to reporters on Friday’s afternoon. He analyzed the importance of the game and is convinced that the winner will be decided by details. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Expectations for the game: “It’s going to be a very attractive game in all senses. It’s a good chance to compete against a rival that will demand a lot from us. Besides, it’s the first game at the Riazor for Deportivo and will be demanding in all senses. We expect for a hard game, Deportivo haven’t lost and demonstrated to be a solid team and surely it’s going to be complicated. We will try to show our strength and the game will be resolved by details.”

Is the game a final? “It’s too soon to talk about it, but no matter the result, it won’t be definitive. We cannot lose our identity no matter the result. The team has been solid in the ideas that we have tried to implement.”

Deportivo: They have a high budget and has built up a strong team, which converts them into one of the candidates.”

Absence of away fans in the game: “It’s a pity. If there’s a place where La Mareona was hoping to travel it was Riazor, a magnificent scenario, but the circumstances aren’t allowing them to make the trip. We will love to feel their warmth and I hope it won’t be a negative factor to us.”

Casualties in attack for Deportivo: “We neither have Lod, Blackman, Canella, Traver nor Isma Cerro. Robin [Lod] is an important player to us and he won’t be with us for this game. We only hope he will return healthy.”

The lack of goal of Đurđević: “It’s important for any striker to have opportunities and minutes. He is close to the goal and we have seen this, I’m convinced he is going to score. He is a player that thinks a lot about the group and the important thing is to see the team winning.”



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