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11 Sep 2018
Depor’s coach was happy with his team, while the players enjoyed the first presentation at the Riazor. Sporting’s coach was complaining of the referee.

Natxo González was saying that his team deserved the victory, “We were superior at every moment, besides the team was regular and we only missed the last push. We did the merits to win the game. It’ true that it was hard in the last meters, but there’s a rival in fount of us.  The penalty would have opened the game, and these games are always close. This league is like this.”

He was happy with the debut of Carlos Fernández, “I am content, he made many things well. I would have liked to see him evolving little by little, but suddenly was forced to play for many minutes.  Therefore, I believe he was great during the minutes he spent on the pitch.”

The Basque man was explaining the reason why Sporting didn’t’ create too many damage, “Yes, it was strange. They had a few opportunities. So, it was important to do what we did, which was to minimize a rival that was coming after a good moment. I believe we managed well the loss of the ball and stopped the counterattacks. We never lost the order, because they were waiting for our errors to damage us, so we were balanced occupying the space.”

He was describing how it was his first experience at the Riazor, “It was related with the history of the club. It was a pretty experience. We are satisfied for winning, so the fan can go home and they are content with what their team did. They are going to be decisive throughout the season. They are content and that’s important for us.”

Natxo was also talking of the penalty missed by Didier Moreno, “Quique wasn’t with us, he was the first taker. We trained the penalties the day before and I thought Didier was the best man for the job and it didn’t work. You train this like other things, we always have a fixed taker.”

Dani Giménez was explaining his feeling in the game, “Yes, it was placid. I believe the team ran a lot. The reaction to the secondary plays was spectacular. We lasted 94 minutes in scoring a goal and this is Segunda, there isn’t an easy rival and we had to suffer. That lack of patience in the last pass affected us, but we are content as the feelings are good. It was important to start winning at home.”

The keeper was pleased with how the team was controlling Sporting, “Sporting is a team that presses in the last meters and we were spectacular. It’s a good symptom of the work done. We were too hurried in some moments, but the people understood what we were trying and I am happy for the debut on here.”

Pablo Mari debuted at the Riazor scoring the winning goal, he commented that, “A dreamed debut, it was impossible to do it better. The team made a great job. The team sought for the victory since minute one. They barely created chances and a punctual play meant the victory.”

The centre-back was happy with the response from the fans, “It was perfect. The fans responded and I believe we can be a great couple. Today was great. In the end the victories leave a good taste in the mouth. It was a good game for everyone.”

Carlos Fernández was explaining the play of the penalty over him, “I was preparing myself to hit the ball with the right foot and at that moment I felt the contact. Sporting’s players protested a lot, but that’s their role. For me it was a clear penalty.”

The striker was also content with his debut at the Riazor, "I was surprised by the atmosphere and the victory is also very important to keep people plugged in. When I came here to play with Sevilla, last year, I was surprised too and I realized that this is a very passionate city. Yesterday the people turned with the team and no one can doubt that we are also going to fight.”

Despite the poor impression left by his team, Sporting’s coach Rubén Baraja said that he was happy with his men and even insinuated that the referee had to do with the result, “I want to emphasize the work done by my men against everything that happened on the pitch. We lost a point and all the work done in that last action. I don’t want to talk of the referee, but there were abnormal situations in the game.”

“We lacked depth and possibilities in the counterattack. We played against a great rival. They have made a great team, one to be among the best. Deportivo made a great game, but the players were fantastic against all those situations that they were facing.” He added.




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