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12 Sep 2018
Depor’s coach is aware that Copa Del Rey isn’t made for Segunda clubs, while he hinted some names at the lineup. Zaragoza’s coach wants to extend the good moment lived in liga.

Natxo González addressed the media on Tuesday’s morning. He talked of the competition and confirmed that centre-back Somma is going to be a starter. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Expectations for the competition: “We try to face the game in the best possible way. It’s a competition where the format is made up for some teams. It’s almost impossible that teams like us can fight for it. So, since the start you are in disadvantage. But I like the competition and we represent a club that won’t it twice, and we need to match the level of what the fans deserve. The major benefit is that all the players can be having minutes.”

The format of the competition: “There will be more hope if the format is changed.”

Changes at the lineup? “It’s probable. Not even 48 hours have passed from the previous game and the rival had one more day for the rest. We will analyze the status of the players that performed in the last game.”

Retuning to Zaragoza: “I am hopeful to see again the people that supported me before. Very good people and that’s it. You leave friends whenever you pass in the world of football. I don’t know how the reception will be. I didn’t kill anyone, just made a decision. If there’s a sector that didn’t like it, then I’m sorry.”

Zaragoza: “They barely made changes for this season. Three or four. They have the base of last year and are trying to extend the good form from last season. It’s a consolidated team that has been creating top players for the league and they are continuing to grow.”

Plan for the week: “We travel with 20 players, on Thursday the rest will join the group. We all will be eating together on Thursday at Los Angeles de San Rafael [Segovia]. All of them, the ones that will play in Zaragoza, the ones that are out and the injured players.”

Borja Valle: “I think it will be impossible to have him available [for the game at Alcorcón], there’s a risk and I don’t think he will be ready for the weekend. He suffered a strong knock in a toe, it might be a fissure and it’s delicate, so we try that he isn’t affected when he steps into the field.”

Three keepers on the roster: “The same I put one in attack since we have problems there [he laughed]. No, it’s because something can happen in the training or in the game, and in the post-game session we need more keepers for the players that didn’t compete.”

Víctor García: “Not even 48 hours have passed and we are limited in attack, we must try to have fresh people for both games.”

Somma: “He will be a starter.”

Imanol Idiakez addressed the media on Tuesday’s morning. He is confident with his team after the good results in liga and hinted some of the possible names in the lineup. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Expectations for the game: “We are willful as we want to win each time we wear the shirt of Real Zaragoza. Nobody should doubt that we are going out in order to win tomorrow, it’s the mentality of each game.”

Changes at the lineup? “Yes, there’s the chance to have changes., because there’s enough squad and people that deserve those minutes.”

Giorgi Papunashvili: “He arrived fine and willing to help. I don’t like to give clues, but he has chances to play.”

Álvaro Ratón “He will be a starter, and it isn’t because we are making a favour, but because he is a great keeper and offer guarantees.”

Jeison Medina: “It has been hard to him to be adapted to the team, he is moving forward and making steps.”

Deportivo: “Depor are transmitting good vibrations, they achieved a good victory over Sporting and we are also transmitting those same good feelings, so I am hoping to see a good game, equal and with a great difficulty.”

The good moment in liga: “We are satisfied, but cannot be celebrating too much. This is the attitude that we want and, sincerely, we have a young but mature group. I believe the team was showing good things since the start, but we were missing a big result like the one on Saturday. Everyone knows that things go fast in football and, if you start celebrating, then they end ripping you apart.”



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