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22 Sep 2018
Fabril’s Víctor Garcia had the chance to debut with the first team during the Copa game at Zaragoza. The winger was interviewed by La Voz de Galicia and talked about his experience and his young career.

Q: After a week have you managed to get off the cloud or do you still floating?
A: No, no. The feet always on the ground, because as you lose the head there will always be someone willing to pull you off the cloud.

Q: How has everything happened?
A: It happened to me very fast. From the day I arrived. I had the bad luck to be injured for almost the full pre-season. Then I was able to enter the team. The debut was bittersweet, because personally it was fine, but we didn’t achieve the victory. And the last thing was the first team. The true is that I didn’t imagine that I would get to play with the first team so soon.

Q: At what moment did you think that this could be your opportunity?
A: I was convinced that it was going to be one of the players to be ruled out, because we traveled with 20. When I saw that I was at the changing room, then the joy was greater. Only the experience of sharing the experience with these people is tremendous. And then, at the hotel, before leaving for the stadium, the coach told me I was going to be a starter... he named me last. I didn’t expect for that. I was surprised, Pensive. And I realized that yes, I was at the starting eleven [he laughed]. Then I focused. I spoke with my father on the way to the stadium and to play.

Q: You seemed calm and with impudence.
A: I tried to do what the coach told me, which was to play there a bit between the lines. Not thinking where it was, but that it was one more match. I tried to concentrate like that and, well, it wasn’t all bad despite the result.

Q: Why they call you bull?
A: [More laughter] These are things of my agent, Rodrigo Fernández, who said I needed to be more regular and now believes that I am already like that and that's why he calls me a bull. So, I hope to be more bull.

Q: And meet the 4 H.
A: Always: Humility, honesty, hunger and honesty. It is a great motto.

Q: What’s your first memory of Deportivo?
A: I think I was about eight, and I saw them play at Mestalla. I went with my uncle.

Q: What is your reference in football?
A: Well, I don’t have a single reference. I usually watch everyone who plays in my position, but there isn’t anyone in particular.

Q: And what’s your position, because you have played almost everything?
A: Well, it's true. I started as a forward, then I was move to the wing, I even played as a full-back... But at both wings is where I am more comfortable.

Q: Victor on the right and May on the left, two knifes
A: The true is that, beyond that each one is acting in one side, we have become good friends in the dressing room. Since we met, we got along very well.

Q: At what moment do you realize that you can be a footballer?
A: The first year in Division de Honor. I had a coach, Dani Serrano, who marked me a lot. He was the one who trusted me the most and told me about the possibility of being a footballer. He gave me the confidence I needed. He knew how to help me a lot.

Q: And what happens in the head of a 21-year-old boy when, after debuting with the first team, he has to return to Fabril?
A: Well, I go back to my place. I'm happy to be able to help my colleagues. The only thing I have in mind now is to try to get points for Fabril to be where it needs to be.

Q; You will be waiting to see if there is luck and can go back up.
A: It would be a mistake to think about Deportivo. When one is constant, things arrive.



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