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15 Oct 2018
New defeat for a Fabril lacking identity. The lads played a good first half, but the second part was a disaster and it ended paying the price.

Coach Tito Ramallo was missing winger Bicho and left-back Lucas Viña for injury reasons. This time Steve One was playing as a left-back defender, while Gaizka Martínez was used as a centre-back.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1 figure. Pedro López was the starting goalie, Blas Alonso covered the right side in defence, One played on the left, Gaizka Martínez and Quique Fornos were the centre-backs. Carlos López and Sébastien Salles-Lamonge were the centre midfielders, Juan Jesús Argüez ‘Juanje’ attacked from the left wing, Víctor García did it from the right, Joni Montiel was the playmaker and Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

The rival was AD Unión Adarve, a club from Madrid that’s currently a direct rival fighting for the permanence at Segunda B. Coach Óscar Fernández was relying in Carlos Bravo for the goals.

It cannot be said that Fabril played a bad game, because it completed a more than decent first part. The problem is that this team lacks identity and mental strength, so it fell down as soon as the problems emerged in the second part.

The game started with the first goal of Fabril, Quique Fornos had the ball at the left, he made a pass into the edge of the area, Salles-Lamonge and Juanje were there, and the latter fired a low shot that hit the far post and then the ball went in.

The visiting side tried to react and Carlos Bravo attempted with a shot from long-distance that passed close to the crossbar (10’), one minute later Uxío missed the second goal after a great pass by Joni Montiel, he was left alone against visiting keeper Cristian Parras and his low shot was intercepted by the goalie.

Joni Montiel was the key for Fabril, because he was finding the cracks between the lines to create scoring opportunities, especially when he was combining with Juanje. At minute 22, the loanee from Rayo Vallecano threw a direct free-kick that was blocked by Parras.  three minutes later the same Montiel led a counterattack taking the ball from box to box, but later Uxío missed a pass at the edge of the area.

At minute 29, Blas was assisted by Montiel and his shot from the right side of the area was blocked by Parras. Five minutes later Salles-Lamonge collected a new pass by Montiel and his low volley passed close to the near post.

In the next play Juanje collected the ball at the left wing, he entered the area and released a strong and crossed shot that passed close to the far post. Fabril was deserving a bigger advantage, but it only found the equalizer from Unión Adarve.

Berodia made the play on the left, he ended releasing a low cross that surprised the defence and left Carlos Bravo alone enough to score from close range. But Fabril recovered the advantage before the break. There was a lateral free-kick at the right that was almost a corner, Montiel took the ball and released a high volley that Parras should have cleared, but instead he could only punch the ball into the net.

Fabril had a strong start in the second part, it was pushing for the second goal, but that impulse only lasted ten minutes and the visiting side claimed the ball possession and found a new equalizer. A quick play after a free-kick at midfield left Bravo alone on the left wing, Pédro López tried to block him, but the striker was able to release a cross and Álvaro Sánchez scored with a strong shot from the box.

Suddenly Fabril started to suffer and Union Adarve could have scored the third goal in two different opportunities. In the first Miñambres headed a lateral free-kick, but the ball went directly into the path of Pedro López (63’). Three minutes later the Madrilenians hit the post, a cross from the left was connected by Álvaro Sánchez, the ball hit the far post and miraculously went out after passing in front of the goal line.

Montiel and Juanje were disappeared and Fabril became a shadow ready for the final blow. Ramallo tried to react and sent Javi Cobo to replace Salles-Lamonge, but it was too late as Adarve found the third goal. It was a corner-kick action in which the ball was sent into the near post, Pedro López should have arrived first, but Álvaro Sánchez headed the ball first and into the net.

Villarres was the second substitution as he entered for Juanje, later Guillermo May entered for Montiel. May had two chances to score within the last minutes, the first was the clearest one, he collected a pass at the right side of the box, but instead of trying to score, he attempted a pass to Uxío and the ball went out (88’), later he fired from the right corner of the area and Parras made the save (90+1’)

Fabril lacked consistency in this game, it made a solid first part, but in the second half it was a totally different team that allowed two goals that paved the way to the defeat. This is the sixth defeat after eight matchdays and the team is penultimate at the standings. The next game is also taking place at home as UD San Sebastián Reyes visit Abegondo (Sunday, 17h00 CET).

Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Pedro López – Blas Alonso, Quique Fornos, Gaizka Martínez, One – Salles-Lamonge (Javi Cobo 67’), Carlos López – Víctor García, Joni Montiel (May 80’), Juanje (Villares 74’) – Uxío.
Unión Adarve: (4-2-3-1) Parras – Juanma, Portillo, Álvaro Sánchez, Berodia (Guille 80’) – Miñambres (Garci 76’), Souza – Moreira, Miguel, Escobar (Olmedo 55’) – Bravo.
<>Goals: 1-0: (6’) Juanje, 1-1: (41’) Carlos Bravo, 2-1: (45’) Montiel, 2-2 (60’) Álvaro Sánchez, 2-3: (72’) Álvaro Sánchez.
Referee: Gonzalo Saiz Pérez. He showed yellow card to Escobar (33’), Miñambres (54’), Carlos López (63’) & Souza (90+3’)
Venue: Abegondo





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