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14 Dec 2018
Defender Pablo Mari believes that Real Zaragoza is a dangerous rival despite their current situation, he also thinks that the team must defend putting a higher pressure on the pitch.

Pablo Mari addressed the media before Thursday’s training, he was talking of the last result against CD Numancia, "It's a lesson, we need to redeem ourselves. The team is willing to do the right things, we are the only team in the league that has only lost once. For me, we are one of the best teams in the league.”

He also pointed out that Depor need to play with a higher pressure, “What we need to improve is the pressure, the higher, the better you defend. In our defensive line we don’ have slow players and we can afford it. That gives you a better recovery and with the players we have, it favors us to press up front and not give facilities. But sometimes the circumstances of the game can lead you to go further back."

The centre-back said that the team is feeling strange with the decisions of the referee, the latter was the red card saw by Saúl against CD Numancia, "It's a bit strange. The play catches me right in front and he doesn’t hit him with the elbow or trample over him. For me it isn’t a foul. But in the end it’s the same as always. The referee decides and you have to respect it. In the committees there are different opinions and they are also the ones who make a decision. I think that, from next year, the VAR will be available and you can see it in another way ".

He also warned that Real Zaragoza is going to be a tough opponent despite their current situation, "They are a very dangerous team. They have a large group although things are not going well. They go through a bad situation and that makes them dangerous. They will come with all the desire of the world. It doesn’t stop being a big team, a historical team made to be up. Although they are young and that can affect you, they have desire and bite in all the plays. For me it's a good team."



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