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16 Dec 2018
Depor’s coach explained some of the errors had against Numancia and also has confidence in the return of the injured players. Zaragoza’s coach wants to improve the aim of his team.

Natxo González addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He didn’t give importance to the recent draw with CD Numancia and also talked of the high pressure that the team tries during the games. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Caballo, David Simón and Cartabia: “A priori the situations of Caballo, David Simón and Fede are good, they trained today and let’s wait for tomorrow. We will make the decision taking in mind their feelings.”

Changes at the lineup? “Possibly there is some change regarding the day of Numancia, but I had the training today to confirm the team for tomorrow and I have to analyze those possible doubts and see what we have done, my feeling is that today I have seen a tight team and it has been an interesting training.”

Reaction after the 2-2 with Numancia: We're fine, nothing has happened for God sake. We tied a game and that’s it. Yes, it’s painful because it was a game that we were winning 2-0. But we are a very reliable team, but in such a long race there are bumps of these characteristics. I have transmitted from the first moment that it wasn’t a drama, the important thing is how you respond in the next match. It is what we have to see. The team is calm and searching for the usual performance at home.”

Can Sebastián Dubarbier play in the game? “It’s an option, but it’s difficult after been out for a while. I won’t say it’s impossible, but it’s difficult.”

Zaragoza: “It’s special, because I will see colleagues with whom I have lived recently. There are companions and friends. It's not that I'm sorry to see them there, in the end it's a competition. I have clear that they will get out of that situation. It’s a team with a big heart and in complicated situations that fact helps you to go ahead. I have no doubt that they will leave the drop zone, let’s see if they wait one more week.”

High pressure: “One of the problems had was that we lost too many minutes of initiative. Then what happened may happen. Our intention is always the same [to put a high pressure on the pitch], but it’s true that we didn’t do it against Oviedo and we scored four goals. These analyzes are fine, but we have to see why we lost so much initiative. One reason is that we defended in our field, but also because we lost the ball very fast and we weren’t good when we had it. In order to defend up you need to have the ball. "

The situation of FC Reus: “Many feelings are crossed in my case. I was the coach who has spent more time there and I had the privilege of being the coach of the promotion and you can imagine what I can feel, between grief and anger that a modest club is in this situation. I'm not surprised, because there were too many internal problems. But I trust and I hope, even if it’s minimal, that in the end they will be saved, that they will continue at Segunda. By history and by people who have worked a lot there, it deserves to continue in the league.”

Lucas Alcaraz addressed the media on Friday’s afternoon; he is optimistic despite the results and wants to increase the aim of the team, so they can enter into a positive streak that can pull them out of the pit. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The current situation of the team: “The other day, against Córdoba, I think we were close to winning... but we weren’t able to do it. Even in the end, we ended the game with the feeling that the draw was in danger. We have to be more decisive in the matches. If we had put the advantage on the scoresheet since the beginning, then we could have won, It’s an accumulation of circumstances.”

Meeting with Depor: "We cannot avoid the importance of the results and the matches since we are going to play with one of the rivals with the biggest budget, and most important for their performance and situation at the standings and, if we don’t win, then the next game will be more important.”

What to improve against Depor? "We should improve in generating more scoring chances, and we should also improve in the effectiveness of converting them. The other day against Córdoba we had two or three that were clear and, above all, there were many chances that could have ended in goal opportunities. We always fail, we released six crosses from the right... We have to generate more and be more effective.”

5-3-2 or 4-4-2? “We have played with both systems... and we will continue to do so. I don’t like to associate the system with the results. But the other day, it’s true that we kept the clean sheet with Córdoba and we had 60 or 70 minutes that were very good in defence, although in the last 10 or 15 we could have lost the clean sheet. There are so many things."

The team needs a good streak: "I try to strengthen the things that we are doing well and correct those that are we have done wrong, but always remembering that we need to gain the good streak that’s always needed, the first thing to do is to start... as soon as possible.”

Alberto Guitián "He comes to replace the casualty of Grippo, a very important man at the back, he has prioritized coming here above all things, the interest and desire that he has is very important, he is good and hasn’t had an injury problem, he arrives with a normal training regimen.”

He could be sacked in a case of a defeat: "My position? "Right now, what I'm looking for is solutions, trying to recover players, we're having a lot of problems, because I cannot solve that myself... I'm trying that the team can be as good as possible. I'm used to this type of situation and when it happens, then you have to focus on the work, there's not much more.”

Are you optimistic? “Of course I am. The results, in Segunda, are the same in terms of uncertainty when you play with a team that’s below you, the case of Córdoba last Sunday, than when you do it with another that’s widely above, like the case of Depor.”



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