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20 Dec 2018
Goalkeeper Dani Giménez was named as the best player in November, he was saying that the team isn’t obsessed with wining away from home, but also pointed out that they need to improve.

Dani Giménez addressed the media on Wednesday after been named player of November by the club, he was talking about the reward, "It's a good sign for me and neither is bad for the team. If at the end you help to get the points... but yes, I would prefer that other teammates stand out, especially if they are the strikers, because the fans would be quieter and also us.”

The keeper also said that Depor aren’t anxious to win on the road after three months without away wins, "We don’t think too much about it, but we want to win away from home. We cannot be obsessed, because you start looking at statistics, data... you have to stay with the feelings and that, in the last exits, we could have done a better job.”

“We have to be more dominant. Against Zaragoza we took a step forward in terms of having the ball and teams like Cádiz, who look for losses and counterattacks, can give us the opportunity to have control of the game. We have found things to improve and there is no better match to do it than this one." He added.

In any case the Galician keeper pointed out that Depor remain as one of the best away teams in the league, "I don’t know in what position we are in terms of away performance, but recently we were the second, third now? Not bad. The feeling is that we want to improve, we have to earn more. Because if you're already strong at home, then to get those extra points on the road allows you to put some distance if the other teams aren’t good. We are all in this and these issues can mark the difference. "

Giménez was also talking of Cádiz CF, “They have a streak that was recently cut, but spent six straight games wining an that’s something difficult to achieve. They have a defined style and barely make variations, the normal ones depending of their rivals, and we know it. What we need to do is to improve our way performance. We always talk about improving our away performance, and this is a good rival to try it.”



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