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28 Dec 2018
President Tino Fernández analyzed the present of Deportivo, he isn’t expecting for novelties during the winter window, but announced major changes at Fabril.

Tino Fernández was present during a public act in which a renewed picture of the first Depor’s shirt was presented in a museum. After the even the president talked to the media about the winter market and the present of the club. The following is a summary of the things he said.

2018:  “It hasn’t been a  good year, actually it was a sad year, the year of the relegation. We have now the challenge of retuning as soon as possible, but it was a bad year. Now we are in the next challenge.”

The current situation in liga: “We are a little sad after the last game, just before the break, but reasonable we are satisfied. What happens is that the challenge is to be upper, right now we are fourth, we want to be higher, if it can be as the champion, the better. The league is long and I said before, we have two enemies and cannot believe we are better than the rest. You talk of the game at Cádiz, but I remember others. I remember the game at Albacete, game in which the referees have a negative job for Depor, also at Córdoba as we dropped two points in the added time. In Tenerife too and against Numancia we dropped two points.”

“Against Cádiz it wasn’t our day, we have only lost twice and we are there. There are many teams that are there, in the fight until the end, and what we must think now is of the game with Lugo, a complicate day as it’s the day of the Magic Kings. We must be out of that song sang by the rivals: that we are the best team. Maybe they say it to make us weaker. We are only one more team, one that must search each day for its best version. That speech that we are the best isn’t true, because we have never been the first place, and only a few times we were second. So, we need to fight.”

Winter market: “We are content with the group, with the quality of the players and with how the group works. At the beginning we aren’t expecting for changes, unless an interesting opportunity shows us. I believe we have enough group, what we need is, first, to see everyone giving a better version, and then to recover the players that have had less participation, cases like Fede Cartabia, men affected by the injuries and lack of continuity, and our strength is there. I believe we have a group that’s competitive enough to fight for the goals and it doesn’t need major adjustments. We will see if there’s an exit, then there could be arrivals. Right now there’s nothing over the desk.”

Unexpected exits? “We will put obstacles if there’s a case, because we want to keep the men that are playing, especially the ones with more minutes. We don’t plan it and hope it won’t be like that “

Dubarbier and Christian Santos: “No. If there’s something it will be their initiative. If anyone wants to change of club, then it could be studied. At this point there isn’t any case over the desk.”

Gerard Valentín: “I don’t control the number of minutes had by the players, it’s a thing for the coaches. There isn’t a novelty with him. He has to fight at the top so the coach can put him.”

The away performance: “It might look that the team has two faces, but I believe we go out in order to win all the games. It’s true that away from home there were meetings that we should have won, like the one at Rayo Majadahonda, it was incredible that it ended goalless. It seems to be a streak, but I like to think weekend by weekend. We must win at home against Lugo, it’s a complicate game, then to visit Mallorca and nothing more.”

Competence at Segunda: “I always say that’s fantastic to watch the Segunda División as a fan, and terrific if you watch it as a protagonist, because the equality is huge. You reach the final stage and any team chaining two or three victories can pass from relegation to enter into promotion, we saw last year teams struggling to survive entering into the playoff, and teams at mid-table that ended promoted, from the three biggest budgets only one played the playoff and didn’t make it, while the other two didn’t even play it. That’s Segunda.”

Fabril: “Things are complicated, but it’s a high priority for us. We want to see them staying at Segunda B, which is the best place they could be, and we will make everything possible for it. The results haven’t been good. The half of the squad went out and is now making a good job at Segunda. You have Francis at Elche making a great season, also the other two that are with us, Caballo and Expósito, Borja Galán, who is with Alcorcón and can be recalled by Deportivo, and others that went out for different circumstances. There were ten changes and clearly the ones promoted and the ones that were signed aren’t matching the same level. The competence at Segunda B is really equal, in details we lost the game with Cultural, we were winning and ended losing, and they come with the relegation assurance of Segunda, and we are missing that point. We are making signings, in the first team we talk of little adjustments, but at Fabril I believe we will make several signings.”

Academy teams: “This year, the Juvenile squad is in transition, we are content and I like to see the teams competing.”



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