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03 Jan 2019
Carlos Pita conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the ex-Fabril midfielder already spent nine years in Lugo and previews Sunday’s meeting at the Riazor.

Does the countdown start for a special game?
A: Yes. I was formed there as a player, although only Álex remains at the squad, but it’s always special to face Depor. It’s my home. Yes, it is very special.

Was the best taste of mouth left by your stage at Depor the debut with the first team?
A: Yes, it was the best taste because of all that I lived there: the first year in Abegondo, reaching the first team in order to train, to live the Champions League stage, to debut, the playoff of promotion to Segunda B with Fabril... It's not only a moment for the debut. They are many memories, many moments lived there. The most important may seem that one, but there are other very important ones.

Was there always a special connection with Álex?
A: Yes. We coincided every year in Fabril except the one in which I left on loan to Logroñés. We are together and, in the end, yes that link is generated. Whenever we see each other we talk about everything. We don’t have the contact we had before but whenever we see each other it is as if the time had not passed. I always had a good relationship with him because of that, because we live many things together. When they started to play as centre midfielders, we played for a long time in the same position, we played many matches together and we had more affinity.

Depor suffers outside home, but at the Riazor its steamroller, what match do you foresee for Sunday?
A: I hope that it’s an equal match in which we can face Depor. I don’t know if it is a steamroller, but it’s very strong at home. They leave little room for surprise. By potential and design, it’s the best team in the league, a team with very clear ideas. We arrive in a good line, that's why I'm waiting for a game in which we can face Depor. I hope it’s equal and that it’s decided by small details, knowing that Riazor is a very complicated field.

Will Deportivo clinch the promotion?
A: I'm convinced. What's more, I would bet that it will do it directly. Granada have a lot of potential and plays very well. Málaga is also a team to consider. But I think Depor is a step above, especially when recovering important players who might not have continuity due to injuries, such as Cartabia. I think they have more arguments than the rest.

What Lugo is going to be find by the public at the Riazor?
A: We'll go to make our match, to be protagonists with the ball. Now with the new coach [Alberto Monteagudo] we are more vertical. We have much more depth in our game, because we have fast people on the sides and the ones in attack are also very vertical. If we take the ball away from Depor, then we know that we can hurt them, but we also know that it’s very complicated due to the players they have, men with quality and because they accumulate a lot of people at midfield. Lugo is going to try to make its game and be a protagonist in Riazor.

Do you think that Deportivo will be enraged by his recent defeat in Cádiz?
A: I don `t think so. I think it's going to be a Depor on the line of the home matches, a strong, confident team that comes out strong from the first minute and with clear ideas. I don’t think that, because of the result of Cádiz, which is deceptive, they will go out in anger. Yes, because they want to win again, but not because of the result itself.

After nine years in Lugo, are you more Lucense than Coruñes?
A: No. I'm from Coruña, and also very much from A Coruña, but it's true that I'm very comfortable in Lugo. From the first day they treated me spectacularly. I feel loved and, above all, very valued. They made me feel important both on and off the field and I am very grateful.

Do you follow Deportivo as a fan?
A: This year I follow it enough. Last year I also followed them. Whenever I can, I watch it. Obviously, Lugo pulls me more because we are here and in the end it’s what really hurts me, but I do want the best for Depor, and that is to return to Primera, which is the place where it has to be, as long as they don’t defeat us.



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