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08 Jan 2008
Tito Ramallo has used all his 21 players during the first round in Segunda B. Besides, Fabril's coach allowed the debut of Juan Dom?­nguez from Juvenil A during the last game against San Sebasti??n. Only two youngsters -Alex and Aridane- have played in the nineteen matches played so far, while other three have participated in eighteen games. The following is a review of the performance made by the whole squad.

First to all, it must be emphasised that this group of players is really young. The older ones are Iv??n Carril and Carlos Pita who are 23. Other seven players are 22-year-old (Jos?© Arenas, Chapi, Rivera, Alex, Borja, Iv??n P?©rez and Casado), five are at 21 (Jairo, Manu, Juachi, Nacho and Guille) and other six are at their 20's (Piscu, Herbert, Aridane, Juanan, Laure and Fabricio). The youngest player is Sergio Benito, he's 19 and was promoted from Juvenil A at the beginning of the season.

Ramallo has used a 4-2-3-1 formation in all the games, exactly the same figure used by Lotina in the first squad. Fabricio has been the undisputed goalkeeper in the team, he possess the best mark in Spain since the Canarian has only leaked seven goals in eighteen matches (only 0.39 per game). He only missed the last game against San Sebasti??n Los Reyes since he was covering the absence of Aouate in the first squad. Precisely, his spot was for Manu in this game. Manu came from Sporting in the pre-season and joined Fabril in order to have a chance to play, despite having almost six months without playing an official match, he made four important saves against San Sebasti??n.

The defensive line has been the key for the sweet moment lived by Fabril, and the most surprising fact is that this sector has experienced big changes. Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu' and David V??zquez Gonz??lez 'Chapi' were the starting choices on the centre, but Piscu was only able to play five games with Fabril since he was surprisingly promoted to the first squad, Chapi seemed to be following his steps, but a knee injury has left him out of action during the last games.

The absence of this two pillars was a worry for everybody, but Sergio Benito and Juanan have proved to possess the same skills. This couple has performed in five liga matches, encounters in which the squad has only allowed three goals. Juanan even had time to score two goals, including the last one that gave the victory against San Sebasti??n Los Reyes. The left-back position has also witnessed some changes, Ramallo started the season alternating Juan Antonio Pedre 'Juachi' with Roberto Casado, a player that came from San Sebasti??n at the begging of the season. But Ramallo understands that Juachi has more offensive skills, reason why the Galician youngster has been a starter in the last nine games.

And things have been more clear at the right-back position, because Laureano Sanabria 'Laure' has been the undisputed starter on this spot. The Madrilenian defender is without doubt the best signing of the season after his summer arrival from Legan?©s. He played 18 of the 19 games in the first round and only missed the last one with San Sebasti??n for a suspension. Like Juachi, Laure participates in the offensive game of the squad and his crosses are always searching for Aridane or Rub?©n Rivera.

As it was appointed previously, the defence has worked very well on the season, and this result should be thanked too to the contribution made by the duo in midfield: captain ?lex Berganti?±os and Carlos Pita. This two players represents the motor of the squad. ?lex is the only player at Fabril that has participated in the 19 games played so far. He only missed 53 minutes in the game against Marino after suffering an injury in the middle of the match. Meanwhile, Pita is the fourth player in terms of minutes played (1,610) and has only missed a game for suspension. This duo is the heart of Fabril and has been appointed by the journalists as the next players that should enjoy of a chance in the first squad. Nacho Matador is the third choice in this sector, he has made a good job although he has only played two complete matches.

The problems start in the offensive sector, the squad has only scored nineteen goals and its evident that Fabril is suffering the same problem than the first squad: lack of aim. However, there's a couple that has showed a good performance, it's the duo of the 'two Ivanes' Iv??n Carril and Iv??n P?©rez. Both have played as playmakers, but Ramallo has used Carril on the left and P?©rez on the right during the most recent matches. Both players have been important in the offensive game, in fact both have scored four goals and are the best scorers in the team. In other words, the duo Iv??n Carril-Iv??n P?©rez represents the 42% of the goals scored by Fabril in the first round.

And that's when the headaches begin for Tito, because Carril suffered a muscular injury during December and has missed the last three games. Meanwhile, P?©rez has been struggling with a shoulder injury, he went through surgery at the end of the past month and will be out of action during a period of five months. The absence of this duo has gave a lot of problems to Ramallo, their replacements have been Borja Facal, Jos?© Arenas and Herbert, they have made a decent job although without the same impact than the 'two Ivanes'.

The presence of the 'two Ivanes' at both wings is a result of the arrival of Jairo to the squad, he joined Fabril since he wasn't having opportunities with the first squad. With him on the playmaking function, Ramallo has had the choice to move Carril to the left and P?©rez to the right, but the ex-Oviedo playmaker has been lost in his position, he doesn't participate too much in the actions, reason why he has been replaced in nine of the ten matches in which he has started.

But the worst is reserved for the striking zone, Ramallo has alternated the Canarian Aridane Santana and La Coru?±a-born Rub?©n Rivera in the position, but this duo has only been able to score two goals, both by Aridane. The Canarian doesn't score a goal since matchday nine (Vs.  Rayo Vallecano), while Rivera doesn't scores since December of the year 2006. The Galician striker already debuted with the first team during Caparr??s's era, but right now he's living dark times. The third choice in the striking zone is Guillermo P?©rez  'Guille', he came injured from Valencia B, reason why he has only spent 179 minutes on the pitch. Finally, Ramallo allowed the debut of Juan Dom?­nguez on the last confrontation with San Sebasti??n, Dom?­nguez is a 18-year-old winger at Juvenil A that's appointed as a future promise for Deportivo. In fact, he already trained with Spain's U-17 squad.


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