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08 Jan 2008
It was supposed that this was a transition year for the youngsters, but it has ended to be one of the most brilliant campaigns in the history of Fabril. Depor B has only suffered one defeat in nineteen games and has ended the first round as the leader of group one. Besides to this, Ramallo's team is the best defence in Spain, only two Spanish clubs are able to match the defensive performance of the Galician squad. The following is a review of the matches played by Fabril and its statistics.

Everybody was expecting to see Tito Ramallo's squad struggling to keep a place in Segunda B. After all, the team spent several years in Tercera Divisi??n and it was coming back with a squad full of youthness, but the sensations were positive since the first game, Fabril debuted with a 2-1 home win over Celta B. A triumph of hope over the expectations. But maybe the first sign of the real capacity of Depor's youngster came one week later, because Depor B drew at Pasar??n against Pontevedra (0-0), the Galician neighbour was appointed to be one of the candidates to fight for the promotion.

And it was a big surprise because Fabril stunned with a defensive solidity against a rival that's considered to have more experience. Depor's 'kids' demonstrated that this first two positive results weren't an accident and the squad was able to achieve three straight victories within the following three weeks -Santa Brigida, San Isidro and P??jara Playas- this series of positive results continued with a scoreless draw against the Canarian squad of Fuenlabrada, and it ended one week later with the defeat against Universidad Las Palmas -the only one for Fabril on this season.

There were some concerns about this result and people was asking if the dream might be ending. But despite the defeat, Fabril was already occupying a spot between the first four places and this negative result turned to be a little step down in the road to ascension. After this game, the squad enjoyed of its best period on the season, it clinched four consecutive wins, results that allowed to reach the top spot in the table, but the impressive thing was the name of those rivals: Real Madrid Castilla, Rayo Vallecano, Vecindario and Ourense, clubs that played at Segunda Divisi??n in recent years and that were supposed to have a 'superior' squad. The key in this brilliant period was the defensive sector, because Fabril didn't leak any goal in this four confrontations.

And things got cold in the next seven games, Deportivo B was only able to achieve a victory during that period -Vs Fuerteventura- but at least the squad wasn't defeated since it was able to secure a draw in the other six matches -Lugo, Lanzarote, Alcorc??n, Marino, Legan?Šs and Atl?Štico Madrid B. And Fabril ended this impressive first round with a last-minute win over San Sebasti??n Los Reyes.

In this way, Ramallo's boys ended the first round with an impressive mark of ten victories, eight draws and only one defeat after nineteen games. The squad accumulates 38 points, six points over the fifth place -Fuerteventura. At the beginning of the season, Tito Ramallo was targeting the permanence in 42 points, now the squad only needs four more in order to reach this mark, meaning that Fabril will have to change its objective for the season, and this new goal is non other than to clinch a spot in the promotion series to Segunda Divisi??n.

The key for this surprising performance should be searched in the defensive zone, because Deportivo B has only allowed seven goal in nineteen games, that's the best mark in the four professional categories in Spain. Only two clubs are matching this record: Mirand?Šs (Tercera Divisi??n, group 8) and Toledo (Tercera Divisi??n, group 18). After this three clubs, there are other two that have leaked eight goals so far: Gimn??stica Torrelavega (Tercera Divisi??n, group 3) and Sant Andreu (Tercera Divisi??n, group 5).

And if the defensive capacity is the stronger point of this squad, the offence is the weak spot, because Fabril has only scored nineteen goals in nineteen games. Analysing the other clubs in group one, only six have less goals. In fact, Depor B is the team with less goals between the first twelve places in the table. Besides, the other three first places in Segunda B present a better record: Ponferradina (36), Girona (34) and Ecija (25). Without doubt, this is the main thing that Ramallo has to correct during the second round.

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