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06 Feb 2019
The club not only changed Fabril’s coach for the second time on the season, but now the B squad will be under the supervision of Carmelo Del Pozo.

The disastrous season of Fabril is causing a major shift at the club. On Monday, just hours after Carmelo Del Pozo, announced imminent changes, the club informed that Sergio Pellicer is no longer the coach of the team, instead the new coach will be José Luis Míguez 'Luisito'

Beyond a simple new change on the bench, the club also announced a large modification in the way in which the B squad is supervised. Until Monday, all the academy teams were under the supervision of Albert Gil, now the B squad will directly be controlled by sporting director Carmelo Del Pozo. This means he will now control the signings and decisions regarding the coaching staff.

Carmelo explained during Monday’s press conference what the club is trying to do, “You have to change the academy from the bottom to the top. The academy is learning, maturing, but also competing. We have to improve in the recruitment of players, coaches... change many things. We need the academy; we couldn’t survive without an academy. If you make that investment and no one move to the first team …”

For the moment the changes are arriving to Fabril. Luisito is going to be the third coach of the team during the present season. The league campaign started with Tito Ramallo in charge, but he only added 4 points in 9 games and was fired after leaving the team in relegation and with three straight defeats.

Things didn’t improve with the arrival of Pellicer, who only added 10 points in 13 games. He was also fired after the team suffered three straight losses and ended as the bottom team in the group, the last defeat was a disastrous game on Sunday visiting Fuenlabrada CF (3-0).

Now Luisito is the head coach. The A Coruña-born man has a large experience in this league both as a player and as a coach. As a player, he made 280 appearances at Segunda B with clubs like SD Compostela. He retired in 1997 and the 52-year-old man has now a large experience as a coach, he has coached 233 games in this league, including big names in Galicia like Racing Ferrol and Pontevedra CF. In the latter he coached the team for 19 games during last season, he only added four wins and was fired at middle of the campaign.



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