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10 Feb 2019
Depor’s coach is worried as he doesn’t know when the injured players will be available. Granada’s coach says his team can improve in offense and expects for a rival with alternatives.

Natxo González addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He seemed serious and explained that is worried for the situation with the injured players. He also admitted that Depor might change the scheme. The following is a summary of the thing he said.

Game in Granada: “Obviously we are direct rivals. We aren’t going to say that the game is decisive and neither will talk of a final, but it’s an important game for the points and for a possible tie-breaker. So, it has all the ingredients of been a great game. To win at El Molinón is a good example of what to do in order to win outside home.”

 The injuries: “My major concern is there. Too many injuries can debilitate you as a team and towards the victory. At this point it is the major concern for me.”

Comeback times for the injured players: “Yesterday I saw his diagnosis [Krohn-Dehli] and read a word that I haven’t read in my life, and don’t know more. The only thing I know is that he left the training walking and returned using crutches. His injury seems complicated and don’t know deadlines. You have to valorize if these are relapses or new cases. The worrying thing Is that we could have relapses with the same players. There are many motives and it’s hard to get a clear conclusion. I am worried. There are states of form throughout the season, but right now we are in a low moment.“

“What worries me is to not know who will be fit to play on next week; at this point I don’t know. Vicente was supposed to have for two days and now it’s too long. Pedro [Sánchez] should be ready this week and it didn’t happen, maybe next week. Carlos [Fernández] is better of what we expected, and I believe that next week he could be on the pitch and could join the group before the game at Málaga. And I don’t have a freaking idea about Krohn-Dehli.”

Changes at the lineup? “Yes, there could be novelties, as always. We neither can make too many changes as we are limited in some positions. You already know as you follow every detail in the trainings.”

Changing the system for the lack of offensive midfielders? “Obviously you have to search for alternatives, but we have three players to perform in the inside. Maybe we will play with one behind and two in front or the opposite, two behind and one in front, things are around that figure.”

Will the club try to sign a free agent? “I don’t know what will happen in the future, but the club isn’t planning it. You never know having one available spot at the squad, but right now the club isn’t thinking of doing it.”

Pedro Mosquera: “He is ready to enter at any moment. Surely he has been in darkness lately, because I decided to give continuity to Álex [Bergantiños], but it doesn’t mean that it’s eternal. He is ready to enter at any moment.”

Granada CF: “They have a lot of speed. They have good numbers at home and are reliable, so it’s a dangerous team. I believe it’s the team with the best defensive record. It has balance as it’s solid in defence and has speed in attack. They can attack the empty spaces and can play with the positional game. They also have goal in set-pieces and they are up there due to these strong points.”

At Granada CF, Diego Martínez described the game as one of the big ones in the league, while he also expects to see his team growing in attack. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Montoro: “We don’t know if he will be ready. We will do everything possible to make him arrive on time. We have excellent medical services. We have to wait to see how he evolves. There are possibilities.”

Sunday’s game: “It is one of the big games. We are facing one of the best teams in the tournament. A big team in the collective and individual sense, it’s brutal. We host them as and face the game as a challenge, having hope... It was unthinkable to be on this matchday in this step of points. Being there with them, it motivates us all. We're going to need everyone to compete. All the Granadinistas are going to be key to add to the team's backpack. They are needed.”

Azeez: “First of all, it was not a reward for José Antonio to be a starter, it was a merit. We thought they were the best eleven to compete in that game. As I said, if we go back to August and September, we said that we had the idea of developing young players: Pozo, Martínez, Rui Silva, also Fede Vico or Vadillo... It’s important the confidence and knowing how to manage when a young player has an error. An example: I think we agree that Rui Silva is at a very good level. Surely if we ask after the game with Reus, for that mistake he had... We cannot kill a player. We need the confidence and try to improve it. We will have failures, bad games... But we will try from the good attitude to take the games. That been said, Ramón [Azeez] had a day of training but was on the roster. Aguirre is fine, also Alberto Martín, and we'll see what starting eleven we present.”

Playing style for the game: “I dare not speak of good or bad proposals. Depending on the characteristics, people act. Deportivo have a very high level, the format has varied. They have gone from the diamond figure to a 4-3-3, with two strikers... They can vary during the game. We want the ball, take it away, but also choose where and how to steal it. It’s a rival that grants too little, it doesn’t leave empty spaces, defends well, with a lot of intelligence. They prepare matches well. It’s a very nice challenge. When you face the best, then there's a challenge. People have to embrace this opportunity and fight for it. Players leave their skin on the pitch.”

Improving in attack: “We are working. We insist on that. The other day we were bad in attack. In the last game there were situations in which we could turn, steal and go out, but we weren’t fine. In Extremadura it was different, because there was a sense of danger and the expulsion came when we were better. There is also the confidence of a certain player. We have to go to the limit. I mean we have to be at 8, 9 or 10 points. If we are not like this, it will cost us. Sometimes it happens in attack. Because of their characteristics, there will be times when they aren’t successful. I trust them, they transmit things to me, I see it on a daily basis. We work on those aspects of numerical superiority, decisions... But then there is trust. And I insist that we were not well in attack. Sometimes it has to do with inspiration, with procedures that we are trying to perfect. If the players have earned anything is our respect and gratitude. They die for this badge.”

Losing the leadership: “The standings have those things. We don’t look at it. We have 44 points. We will continue in day to day. What I want is to see us showing the best identity. That we transmit things and that we know that Depor is a great team and will make us suffer. That’s the path to victory and the one to get the three points.”

Adrián Ramos: “He’s fine. Wishing to score a goal, contribute to the team, just like Rodri. I really trust this team. They work hard, they want to grow. We are there.”



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