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21 Feb 2019
Goalkeeper Dani Giménez talked on Wednesday about Deportivo, he confessed that the team needs to improve its mentality and admitted that the game at Málaga CF is among the most important ones on the season.

Dani Giménez talked to reporters on Wednesday, he was analyzing the latest disappointments at home, “It has to do with efficiency. On the road we are seizing the chances that we have, and that’s the only way to win. Meanwhile, at home, we aren’t making our best according to our potential, but we are having chances, though we aren’t seizing them.”

The keeper was reflecting on why Depor are having problems to win the games, “We aren’t sure 100%, but it could be our mentality, an issue of been relaxed, because you can lower the intensity when you see yourself as the superior side against a rival that isn’t pushing and after starting to lead in the score, and maybe you wouldn’t do the same against a more exigent rival.”

“The jump that this Deportivo can make is related to this winning mentality. Sometimes we have to learn that the way to win games also passes through been ordered. To be a winning team doesn’t mean to always pass over the rivals, but it means to be smart and be able to seize your moments. There are teams that in terms of mentality are one point above us.” He added.

Giménez was also talking of the upcoming game with Málaga CF, “It's a very physical team, it has very strong vertical people at midfield. With a lot of experience. For us it’s good that they could let us play, because we can feel protagonists, but it will depend a lot on the occasions we have and if we are able to open the scoresheet.”

 “It’s one of the most important games of the year. Two big teams in this league. It is very important, without doubt. We need to recover the good feelings that we had before the last home meeting, the ones from a competitive team giving its best.” He added.

He also talked of the most recent arrival, Vítor Silva, “We don’t know what evolution can be and it’s good to have a B plan. He’s a nice lad, hardworking and it’s good for the profile of the group. He has experience and will contribute if he stays, but that doesn’t depend on us anymore.”



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