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22 Feb 2019
Saul García addressed the media on Thursday, the left-back defender talked of his legal case with Valladolid, and he also admitted that he would like to continue at Deportivo.

Surprising appearance of Saúl García at the press room; since the start of the season the left-back hasn’t talked to the media due to his legal problems [a demand from Valladolid for signing a pre-contract with them], but on Thursday he decided to speak out about his situation and also his future [his contract ends in June].

He is convinced about renewing his contract, "I already told Carmelo that I would love to continue on here. I would be delighted to continue here, I have taken many turns in my life, I have suffered going from one place to another and I would like to have a stability here. "I am happy here.”

 “I’m going to give priority to Deportivo, there is interest from other clubs, but before any decision I would tell Deportivo and they will have the option if they want to continue with me. I’m comfortable here. I know a lot of people that every day makes everything easier for me, that’s very good, I would like to continue here. Neither is relevant if we clinch the promotion or not, because if you are in a big project, and if I feel important in a big club like Deportivo, then it doesn’t matter."

Recently, a judge ruled on his favour, and against his former agent Eugenio Botas, in the conflict with Valladolid, but the defender still has a seized salary, “It’s a complicate situation. Part of my wages have been docked, but these are circumstances that you need to understand and move forward. I hope it will be fixed soon.”

He was also explaining the case, “"A pre-contract was signed when I was free to do it and then Depor paid a transfer before that. The deal with Deportivo is legal, but judicially it was determined that no, and that's when the problems began. I have suffered in many aspects that have marked everything, but I have been carrying it with time. There is a part of my salary that is still being seized, but you have to live with it. There are people who could have acted differently, and I hope it will be fixed soon."



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