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01 Mar 2019
Pedro Mosquera talked to reporters and assured that Depor are trying and that only details aren’t allowing the team to be at the two top-places. He also talked of the injuries hitting the team and the fans.

Pedro Mosquera talked to reporters before Tursdays training; he was talking of AD Alcorcón and their success having former Depor’s members, "Laure, Borja Galán, Cristóbal, Manjarín... I have a very good relationship with all of them, they are excellent people and have managed to create a great team. The goal of Alcorcón was the permanence and they are achieving it with great success. I wish them the best "

"Alcorcón is a very strong team, especially playing at home, and after they won this weekend (against UD Las Palmas) they got reinforced and will be strong against us, it will be a difficult game.” He added.

He said to be fine after been forced to skip the game with Gimnátic, "I'm fine, very good, I had to stop the weekend that we played against Nàstic, but in the end the injury was for a little more time, but I could be back sooner and I'm happy to have minutes again."

Asked about Carlos Fernández’s recent injury, he commented that, "It's a pity, in the last game he got injured, the poor guy was devastated, it happens to everyone, but he's suffering a little more and we have to be with him, because he's an incredible kid. We try to encourage him on a day-to-day basis so that he can take it better, in the sadness that he has, he’s an ambitious boy, and when he plays he gives everything, he will surely be decisive.”

He denied that the problems with the injuries are only affecting Deportivo, “There are teams with several injuries too, it isn’t something only seen on here. In my case, thanks to the doctors, I returned soon and surely the number of injured players will b reduced from now own.”

The Galician player was also denying the idea that Depor are feeling anxious to reach the first wo places, "It's not anxiety, it's details, on the day of Nàstic we could have ended as the leaders and for a detail at the end they tied and we dropped two points, I hope we can be in those positions soon, I don’t think it's another face. against Nàstic we deserved to win, we have to have a little more balance: although you draw, if you know that the road has been good, in the next matches you can round it up with the victory.”

Another idea refused by him is that Depor have two faces, one for the games at home and the other for the games on the road, “I don’t see two faces. Sometimes you deserve to win and don’t do it, in other opportunities it’s the opposite. I see the games decided by details and I believe the important thing is to be constant, sometimes a draw is good. Now we need to send a message taking advantage of the games at the Riazor.”

The midfielder was thanking the fans for the support as the team enters a period with three straight home meetings, In the end we are at Segunda Division and a lot of people are coming to the field. At the beginning of the season there were improvements at the stadium, complications for the fans, but people came as much as they could. We are very happy with the fans. The last away games have given us a lot of moral and now it's time to round it up at home, if we can get it we can make that leap, starting this Monday."

At the same time, he is conscious that the fans aren’t happy as two of three games aren’t taking place on a Saturday or Sunday, "We would like the schedules to be better for the fans. Kick-of times in which the maximum possible people can come. We will always be with the fans in that. Anyway, since I've been here, people have always responded. It doesn’t matter if it is a Friday, Monday... I'm sure they'll continue to be with the team. "



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