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09 Jan 2008
Yesterday, coach Miguel Angel Lotina talked at Abegondo's press room. It was a conversation with reporters that lasted twenty three minutes. The main questions were related to the transfers that Deportvo is trying to fulfil. The Basque trainer answered this questions and also the ones related to the rumours appointing that Lendoiro is already searching for a replacement for him. The following is a resume of his declarations.

"We concreted what the technical secretary already saw, the president is trying to see how is the situation of the players that we put over the table, negotiating. We won't say the names because this will only rise the prices, we must let the president use his ways."

"(Real) Madrid will only release the player in a final transfer. That's why he's discarded. We must valorise what he's earning, the cost of his transfer and finally, if he would like to come to a team living in this situation. Maybe he has offers from clubs that are playing European competitions."

"This players are in our list (Palacio and Mista). We talked about Palacio, but his price is €15 million, we would have to spend a lot... if I say a name, is because we are chasing him, what happens is that somebody asked me if I like Palacio, and who won't love a player like that. If he comes to Europe, it will be for a team in Champions League, not one at... you understand this. We saw him, but also other clubs in Italy, in England, we can't ask impossible things to our president. I can tell you this, I didn't talk about Palacio with the president, because I know he's impossible."

"We won't make signings just for the fact of been making signings, but I want you to know this, we have ended with a short-list of players and I, logically, can't tell you their names. When you made signings for necessity, the ideal thing is to do it with a buyout option, because you bring the player, you see him and later you valorise if he worth the price of his transfer."

"Practically, all our candidates are foreigners, we only talked about Mista in the meeting, about the rest, all of them are currently out of the Spanish League."

"Is another of the names that we are working on, Richard (Moar) is the one doing his job and we will tell the names as soon as they decide is the correct moment to do it."

"The case with Fred is different to Palacio, he can go out at any moment since he has a personal problem, he will be loaned out and his case is different, there are possibilities."

"We have been studying this since a while, but I don't want to mention names, somebody must leave, but first I want to talk with them."

"At least the 80% of the clubs in Segunda Divisi??n have phoned me to ask me about his situation. But until somebody else comes, I won't say who will leave, nobody will be touched if we don't sign first."

"I am not sure, I know our president hasn't talked with anybody yet, bit if he thinks that he should talk with another coach, he has the right to do it, because the team has spent too much time in the relegation zone. In any case, a lot of the names are flowing out for the interest of their agents."

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