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04 Mar 2019
Depor’s coach wants to see his team forgetting the idea of achieving three straight wins as the important thing is to be focused in only one game. Alcorcón’s coach says the goal of his side is the permanence.

Natxo González addressed the media on Sunday’s noon. He said that Depor must be focused on Monday’s game and not in winning the three games at home. He also admitted that Nahuel might b a starter. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Roster until Monday: “There will be a video session on Monday’s morning. Later we can go out to the field. It has always been like that when we play at home at 9 PM or later.”

State of the squad: “It’s fine, I don’t have complaints of the daily work. The players are hoping to return and try to revert the dynamic of not winning at home.”

Is Nahuel going to start? “Yes, it might be. We can have one or more changes. Maybe none [he smiled]. After these two frustrating week, he is willing to help the team. He is fresh enough to give us a hand.”

Expectations with the public: “I don’t like to play on Mondays. Football is a thing of the weekends. It could be an extra pressure depending on the results, but it is what it is. We ask for an extra push, and we have to do it as the final countdown has started and every game is fundamental. I only ask them to support us and help to add the three points, not to come thinking the points are already added.”

Is the team thinking of winning the three games at home? “I talked to the team yesterday. We cannot be talking of what we must do in the month. We already have enough trying to win at home against a team like Alcorcón. I don’t like to talk of mid-term things, because later the frustrations arrive. We will try to have a productive month, but must be focused in the next game.”

Alcorcón is one of the teams that have defeated Depor: “We have the chance to give back the result, sort to speak.  They still the same team of the whole season, a consistent team that does good things. I am expecting for a difficult game that will be long. I just hope we don’t get too desperate.”

Recovering players: “When you recover players you know you have to leave out men that don’t deserve it, but you cannot be fair when you have to leave players out.”

Krohn-Dehli: “He is evolving, maybe next week we can see him working on the pitch. Everything is going according to what was expected.”

Vitor Silva: “Since the start we said that it depends on the evolution of Krohn-Dehli.”

Alcorcón have suffered six straight defeats on the road: “You never know if this is good or bad. I imagine myself at their changing room: lads, this is our chance to improve and what better place than the Riazor. Therefore, it’s a double edge sword.”

Carlos Fernández: “On Monday I saw that he was very bad, mentally. A new relapse. Since that day you can only fight in order to be ready as soon as possible. I assume the situation and rely in the deep squad that we have”

Pedro Mosquera: “I always say the same: anyone that seems isn’t counting it will be important in three weeks. Now he is here and hopefully he can continue adding things.”

Cristobal Parralo talked to reporters on Friday’s afternoon. He is expecting a hard game and talked of his feeling for returning to A Coruña. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Playing on Monday: “We had a long week, we played on Monday and last game was on Saturday. Therefore, we tried to divide the work in little phases. We also had activities in the outside so we can be disconnected a little, since Wednesday we are working hard. The team is fine, but until the hour of the game it’s useless.”

Expectations for the game: “We are expecting for a hard and complicate game. Before great fans, they push hard and I know them well. They have a fantastic team and surely will be there fighting until the end.”

Returning to the Riazor: “It’s a club that I love. They treated me really well, but there’s a thorn as I was unable to help the team and save it, but well, this is football and we must look forward. Now I arrive as a rival and will give everything for my club. It’s a game that no one want to miss.”

The goal for the season: “To remain quiet and achieve the permanence and, if there’s margin for more, then logically we will fight for it. We added the three points in last week and it has revitalized us.”

 Is Alcorcón aspiring to promotion? “We are there, trying and wanting to add the points and the permanence, and until we don’t achieve it, then we cannot talk of other thing.”

Casualties for the game: “Fran Sandanza is out for sure. Then the rest some men have less pace and others are going out from injuries, and let’s see how they are for the game in A Coruña.”



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