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05 Mar 2019
Depor dropped two points after starting losing in the game, Alcorcón played well, but only needed three shots on target thanks to Depor’s defensive mismatches.

Coach Natxo González presented the expected squad with the novelty of Pedro Mosquera been a starter at midfield. Also, winter singing Nahuel Leiva was debuting as a starter after returning from a two-game suspension.

Dani Giménez was the starting keeper, David Simón covered the right side in defence, the left was for Diego Caballo, the central positions were for Pablo Mari and Domingos Duarte. Álex Bergantiños joined Mosquera at midfield, Fede Cartabia attacked from the right wing, Nahuel did it from the left, Edu Expósito was the playmaker, and Quique Fernández was the centre forward.

At AD Alcorcón, coach Cristobal Parralo opted for a 4-4-2 figure, Daniel Toribio was left on the bench, so Jonathan Pereira joined Juan Muñoz in attack. The game was played on Monday’s night and there was a protest from the peñas for the kick-off time, part of the public entered the stadium until minute 5 in the game.

Entertaining half, because both teams tried to attack and the transitions defence-attack were fast. The visiting side seized that Deportivo had a slow start and claimed the lead, but the Galicians had fluency and found the goal before the break.

The game was open since the start, Depor started pushing in attack, but AD Alcorcón released this pressure though the ball possession and their quick game in offensive positions.  The first chance to score was for the Galicians as Edu Expósito released a low shot that was blocked by visiting goalie Dani Jimenez (8’).

And then the Madrilenians found a penalty. A big error of Cartabia at the edge of the area allowed Jonathan Pereira to control the ball and David Simón pushed him and the referee whistled the penalty. Then Esteban Burgos seized the chance from the spot.

Depor lasted in reacting, they could have tied the game at minute 21. It was a free-kick of Cartabia with his shot going through the wall and it was saved by Dani Jimenez, and the loose ball was connected by Mosquera and he sent the ball over the crossbar.

Two minutes alter Pablo Mari was connecting the ball in a corner-kick action and the ball was deflected over the lane. At this point the Galicians were controlling the actions, with Nahuel and Cartabia pretty active on the sides.

The next chance came at minute 30, a lateral free-kick ended with a header of Pablo Mari and Jimenez made the save.  Depor were in total control of the actions and the goal seemed a matter of time, and it arrived in a cross from the right.

Nahuel made a small deflection at the near post, Mosquera made a new short cross at the far post and Quique González scored heading the ball inside the box. The same Quique could have giving the advantage to Depor at the end of the half, he collected a rebound at the left side and his strong shot was saved by Jimenez (41’).

The game left more positive feelings in the second part, because both sides didn’t hesitate in attacking. Depor deserved more and was able to claim the lead, but a new mistake at the back cost a goal and two golden points.

The final part started without changed by Depor, but with Quique Gonzalez and Cartabia switching positions. The game continued to be open in the second part, Depor had fast transitions and was constantly stepping into the edge of the area.

The first chance to score in the half came at minute 50, Quique González found the ball at the edge of the area and his strong shot was deflected by Jimémez (50’). At this height in the game the attacker had returned to his normal position at the centre of the attack.

Alcorcón’s first chance in the half was a shot of Nono looking for the far post that was deflected by Dani Giménez (60’). The response of Depor was a solo-play of Edu Expósito inside the area, he dribbled two rivals and his final shot hit the crossbar (61’).

The first substitution at Depor was the entry of Borja Valle for Cartabia. The Argentine didn’t have a good game, he was to imprecise in attack and committed the error in the goal of Alcorcón. But neither Valle added anything new.

Alcorcón also had its chances; at minute 68, Jonathan Pereira found the ball inside the area, and his strong shot hit the back of a defender.  Then Vicente Gómez replaced Mosquera and the goal arrived for the locals.

Vicente made a perfect pass into the path of Nahuel, the winger was alone on the right side of the area and tried to assist Quique Fernández, who fell into the ground after the challenge of Toribio, and Quique himself converted from the spot.

Depor had now a deserved lead for creating more chances in the second part, but it ended paying a new high price after a new defensive mistake. Somma was the last substitution as he replaced David Simón, and the Italian committed a foul and made a bad pass that allowed Jonathan Pereira to release a low cross that substitute Víctor Casadesús found inside the area to drill the ball in between two defenders past Dani Giménez.

The Galicians were again in the same situation than of the previous minutes, but only with four minutes ahead. There was desperation and the locals were unable to create more chances to score.

New disappointment at the Riazor.  Depor had a slow start and was trailing, it lasted in reacting and, when it found the advantage, it fell down again after a new error. AD Alcorcón made a great game, but they only completed three shots on target, two of them after errors in the local defence that allowed them scoring twice.

This is a new blow for Depor’s aspirations, the Galicians remain fifth at the standings, and now with only two points of advantage over sixth place Cádiz CF. The next game is the visit of UD Las Palmas to the Riazor (Sunday, 20h00 CET)

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Dani Giménez – David Simón (Somma 82’), Domingos Duarte, Pablo Mari, Caballo – Álex Bergantiños, Mosquera (Vicente Gómez 74’) – Cartabia (Borja Valle 64’), Edu Expósito, Nahuel - Quique González.
Alcorcón: (4-4-2) Dani Jiménez - Laure, Burgos, Elgezabal (Víctor Casadeús 83’), Aly (Carlos Bellvis 46’) – Sangalli, Dorca, Silvestre (Toribio 64’), Nono – Jonathan Pereira, Juan Muñoz.
Goals: 0-1: (11’) Burgos (penalty), 1-1: (38’) Quique Gonzalez, 2-1: (76’) Quique González (penalty), 2-2: (85’) Víctor Casadesús
Referee: Luis Mario Milla Alvendiz. He showed yellow card to David Simón (11’), Laure (19’), Nono (28’), Álex Bergantiños (34’), Elguezabal (75’) & Casadesús (90+1’)
Venue: Riazor (16,143)
Other statistics: Ball possession (52% - 48%); Attempts to score (10 – 6); Total shots (20 - 9); Shots on target (7 - 3); Saves by the keepers (1 - 5); Corner-kicks (8 - 2); Offsides (2 - 1); Fouls committed (15- 19); Passing accuracy (84% - 82%)



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