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06 Mar 2019
Sadness and bad feelings after a new draw in liga, the coach complained that the team regained effectiveness, but at the same time lost defensive secureness.

Natxo González was very disappointed with the result, “We have been talking of this month, of the twelve points and something more, and the first chance was today. It’s a pity.  After coming from behind, against a rival like this, it is disappointing. We were complaining lately for not having efficiency, and today we scored twice and ended conceding twice when you weren’t doing it before. There’s always something.”

“The start in the game was very bad. We weren’t ending the plays. Individually, we were bad and they earned the penalty. Later we had heart, which is important, but lacked game, and then we had two or three clear chances, and later the problem is that you cannot miss a game in which you had to come from behind and playing against a rival like this. It cannot happen. It was a pity to not kill the game with the comeback we had.” He added.

The Basque coach said that he isn’t thinking in switching the system again, “I think the problem we had before is the efficiency, and now we scored twice and generated game. We aren’t used that, by scoring twice, you don’t add the three points. We lost in two-on-two situations and must analyze how things were.”

He was then asked why Mosquera was a starter before Vicente Gómez, and the answer was, “I consider that Mosquera was better. Vicente is having problems to earn the pace after the injury, and in a game like this with a back and forth, I thought that it wasn’t favorable to him as the game was going to be full of ups and downs.”

Asked about the bad game of Fede Cartabia, the coach only commented that, “He is better physically, having more minutes, but later it is the individual performance. He is feeling screwed right now as things didn’t work for him.”

Then he analyzed the game of Nahuel Leiva, “I believe he gave what we were asking from him: the unbalance. Obviously, it was his first game and ended exhausted. He was in a good level in the first part.”

Finally, Natxo explained the last change with Somma replacing David Simón, “David was at the limit of expulsion and the idea was to cover the wing of Nano, and Michele was warming since a while. Maybe we should have put another man at the centre in order to have superiority in that zone, but I preferred to cover the wing as David was already tired.”

Álex Bergantiños was disappointed with the result, “Clearly it was an important game, and in the end all the games are tight. The draw leaves us screwed for not winning again at home. We did the best thing, which was the comeback, but in the end we dropped the points.”

“We also lost the chance to win against Nástic or Lugo. We would love to have more options. We had more options than them in order to win. They scored twice at the Riazor and added a point.  We must analyze why we aren’t winning at home, but with calm ahead of future games. We must avoid anxiety and negative feelings that could be seized by the rivals. We still can turn around the situation and chain consecutive wins.” He added.

Quique González scored twice in the game and was also feeling sad for not adding the three points, “I need to help the team, always, if not I am going home screwed. Today we are screwed, but me and my partners are positive. We haven’t been lucky, they had two chances and their keeper made the best game of the season. I remain positive and optimistic.”

“No matter what happened, we can only get up. We have another game on Sunday and we want to win. Obviously, you are feeling screwed been at the changing room, but we must be optimistic and think of adding the three points. We haven’t been effective in the last home games, and now we will try to change the side of the coin. This is Segunda and we must move forward. I understand the fans are feeling screwed, but a lot of points remain on and we must remain positive and move forward” The striker added.

At AD Alcorcón, coach Cristobal Parralo was content with his team, "We have been a brave team, a team that has looked for the rival’s goal, although in certain moments we have defended as we could. We had a couple of months when things didn’t go as we wanted, but we haven’t stopped working and I hope that the results will come soon.” 




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