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10 Mar 2019
Depor’s coach wants to see a team capable of closing the games and avoids to talk of pressure, Pepe Mel debuts visiting his former club and promising changes.

Natxo González addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He is aware that the team needs to close to games and denied that the pressure is affecting the team when it plays at the Riazor. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Pressure at the Riazor: "I don’t know if it affects, but it’s true that we are comfortable when we play outside home. When we are at home, it pushes you more to precipitation, to the obligation to please your people and the level of activation may not be adequate. It is what it is and playing at the Riazor must be a reinforcement, not a punishment, there will be of everything, we are each one in a way and from our position we try to reinforce all of that, making you to understand that, how are you going to be afraid to play at home with our people? All of this will be fixed winning at home, it doesn’t matter if we play ugly, but we need to win once and for all."

Closing the games: "We have to end the plays and score more and the better of we can have to do it with the score in favor in that phases of the game, like in those minutes, some want to go up, go for the third goal, and others with more experience know how to manage better those moments, the worst was the start of the match and the end.”

Holding on: "Surely there is some self-pressure, expectations... I don’t know in what percentage, but for sure. It’s difficult to be apart from everything that surrounds us. But the most important thing is to resist, endure and not deviate ourselves. The one who will endure the most will be the one who takes it. It's what I feel and I pass it on to the players. We have sufficient potential. We have three games without winning at home, but the win will come. It will not come if we lose the orientation."

Performance of the team: "With what we are doing we aren’t having enough to win, we have better numbers at the statistical level than the rival, but then there’s what happens from area to area, we lack regularity and I don’t know if that tranquility to mature the game is going to help us. It's not the same thing that the opponent is more locked at the back than to see them coming to push you up, we suffer more there.”

UD Las Palmas: "When there’s a change there is a reaction, individually and collectively, we will have a lot of opposition, an important team, with good players and little margin.”

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He points out to the promotion as the goal of the team, and promises modifications and a change in the pace of the team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

First days in front of the team: "I see the players with a smile, hopeful, because they begin to believe in the positive message. I know how to handle this and must be endorsed with results. It's a match that comes at a crucial moment for us.”

Will you play with two strikers?: "I cannot tell you, because I don’t think Nacho González will do the same. Everyone gets on the bus to want to do it well, I haven’t closed the door of the trainings, you have seen what we have worked on."

First goal, to change the pace: "My biggest concern is changing the pace of the game. I want the team to travel in the field at a higher speed. It doesn’t matter who enters the list this week, because we are going to need them all. We're going to try to get there with a lot of people, that doesn’t mean you're going to win because this is a game."

Changes: "What’s clear is that, playing the way it was done before, it didn’t work. The pace must be different, the methodology will have to be changed and we need to do several things.”

The goal is the promotion: "The expectations in the summer were the promotion and beyond that, the direct promotion. The course of the season has changed things and now we have to fight to get to the sixth place..”

Deportivo: “Depor have several strong points. They are good in set-pieces, with two centre-backs that are good there and move fast through the center of the field, which is what I want for us too. They also have weak points, which is what I have transmitted to the squad this week."



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