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11 Mar 2019
New defeat for a Fabril that’s almost condemned to relegation. The lads didn’t play a bad game, but that’s useless in this dramatic situation.

Coach Luisito was recovering Quique Fornos, Carlos López and Iago Gandoy, the first two were starters in the game. Carrion and Lucas Viña

Álex Cobo was the starting goalie, Jorge Valín covered the right side in defence, Steve One played on the left, Raúl González and Quique Fornos were the centre-backs. The centre midfielders were Carlos López and Javi Cobo. Víctor García attacked from the right wing, Ignacio Abeledo did it from the left, Jonathan Montiel was the playmaker and Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

The rival was UD San Sebastian Los Reyes, the Madrilenian team was the sixth place at the table despite losing the previous two games. Coach Manolo Cano left top-scorer Christian Perales (11 goals) on the bench, so the starting choice in attack was Sergio Castel (9 goals).

Good game for Fabril visiting a team aspiring to play the promotion playoff, but is useless when the only result that counts is a victory. An expensive error at the start of the game put things uphill, the team tried to react, but it missed to create scoring chances.

After a calm start, Uxío completed the first shot on target for Fabril (7’), and in the following play the locals scored the first goal in the game. It was a weird distraction at Fabril’s defence, Castel tried to chip the ball over Álex Cobo after a terrible play by Raúl González, between the keeper and the post the ball didn’t enter, but Castel found the loose ball to score from close range.

And Fabril could have tied the game in their next attack, a cross from the left was headed by Uxío and local goalie Xabi Irureta made a great save (10’). San Sebastián Los Reyes could have scored the second at minute 18, it was a corner-kick in which Rubén Sánchez headed the ball on target and Álex Cobo made the save.

The game was stuck within the final fifteen minutes in the first part, Fabril didn’t suffer in defence and tried to have the ball, but later the lads only created two chance to score. The first was a lateral free-kick that didn’t find a receiver inside the area (31’), and the last was a shot of Uxío that went over the crossbar (41’).

The second half started with a double modification, Guillermo May and Bicho replaced Uxío and Raul González. And the first chance to score in the half was for Castel, it was a strong shot saved by Álex Cobo (49’).

Fabril’s modifications didn’t help the team, because it had big problems to create scoring opportunities despite having the ball possession. Montiel wasn’t appearing and the entry of May rested the aerial game of Uxío.

Depor’s lads were having the ball, but without opportunities it’s impossible to achieve results. Better were the chances for the locals, at minute 65, Rubén Sánchez was close to score with an attempt saved at the goal line by Fornos.

The last modification at Fabril was the entry of Juanje for Víctor García, but it neither changed the picture. The locals were the ones having the chances, the next one was a free-kick of substitute Pablo Martínez that passed close to the post (86’).and another substitute, Andy Escudero, scored the second goal at the last minute in an individual play inside the area.

The relegation seems only a matter of time, Fabril committed a big error in defence, it i was trailing since the start and tried, but it’s impossible without creating chances to score. On next Sunday Coruxo FC visit Abegondo (17h00 CET).

Sanse: Xabi Irureta – Valverde, Jota, Zazo, Iván Pérez – Galindo, Tena (Pablo Martínez 68’) – Agüero, Carnicer (Andy Escudero 57’), Rubén Sánchez (Christian Perales 73’) – Castel.
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo - Valín, Raúl González (Bicho 46’), Fornos, Steve One – Carlos López, Javi Cobo - Víctor García (Juanje 68’), Montiel, Abeledo - Uxio Dapena (May 46’)
Goals: 1-0 (9’) Castel, 2-0: (90’) Andy Escudero
Referee: Pablo González. He showed yellow card to Tena (15’), Jota (61’), Carnicer (76’) & Javi Cobo (78’).
Venue: Matapiñonera




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