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17 Mar 2019
Striker Borja Valle talked to reporters, he believes that Depor must stay focus in the coming games and that the team still have big chances of reaching the first two places.

Borja Valle addressed the media on Friday. Despite the precedents, the striker believe that Depor still have options to reach the first two places, and for this he made a comparison with what happened in midweek at the Champions League, “I also read that Juventus had never came back in a series like the one against Atlético. Stats are there in order to be broken. We cannot be obsessed. Last year, a team that had an advantage of ten points ended suffering. In the end it is a matter of holding on and resist. We must be focused in ourselves, not if the other team is winning or losing. It will be a pressure that isn’t helping us.”

He is aware of the fans’ frustration for the last results, but believes it is normal, "It's normal, Depor’s fans have lived very nice moments with this badge, but in these last seasons, things have been complicated and I understand the nervousness, we are growing and we have to valorize that, it's true that you can look at the standings and you look more distance, but you have to have peace of mind, do things well against Almería and, from there, grow up, forget about the bad times and make this bad moment pass over."

The attacker assured that the players are calm inside the changing room and remembered that Depor have been at the top all year long. “We were aware that there were going to be good and bad times. Now it’s a bad one, we aren’t finding the best feelings and we are responsible for this. We have to turn it around, but we've been in the playoff zone all year. You have to take the positive and focus on short-term objectives and not long, that leads to error. "

Finally, Valle talked of his current role at the lineups, “I will never valorize if I am better or worse, more or less happy to leave the starting lineup for two or three games. It’s a season, there’s variety at the squad, it’s wide and any player can enter or exit and keep the level. The more we add, the better. If it’s my time to see things from the outside, then I do it. If we have a goal from the beginning of the year, with what this badge represents, we must add. If I did it in these last years, in this one I don’t think it’s difficult. I feel loved and supported and I don’t give negative value for not being at the starting eleven."



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